Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I swear if it wasn't for this weekly Target Tuesday commitment I would forget to come on here! As my friend and fellow Band of Barbies blogger Kristen says, Im a psycho blogger! But since business has picked up I have found it harder to get on here. Typically Im a psycho, stalking blogger with a big D on my chest (stands for DESIGNER for the new kids on the block.) I have insomnia, and I tend to have a little of the A.D.D, which makes a winning combination for the multitasking, lunatic designing blogger that I am. Or shall I say WAS. I still have the A.D.D, and I still have the insomnia but for some reason my desire and excitement has drifted. I know it is absolutely preposterous! How could someone possibly lose the interest, the desire to blog? It could be the A.D.D. I do tend to get bored quickly. Bouncing off the walls Im jumping from fabric, phone calls, emails, accessory selection and in an instant, like a tunnel visioned puppy, SQUIRREL!!!! I drop the ball and run like a foolish inefficient wacko to the grey chipmunk up the tree. Wait, what was I doing? I think I was in the middle of an email, or was it fabric? I don't have a clue, but aren't squirrels cute? I love how they play and run in the trees like a jungle gym, or is that chipmunks? I love Alvin. He is so funny. Who ever thought to make a cartoon out of them is a genius.......(So you catch the drift of how my typical day transpires.)

It never seems to amaze me that by the end of the day I am whirling in the aftermath of my days tornado. What on gods green earth did I do today? I have been busy as a mad hatter and yet nothing is done. Guess that will go to tomorrows to-do list. It may be kooky and I do have a tendency to be a high energy fruitcake but that's what keeps them coming back for more. I never loose my cool, and somehow someway my girls come through for me and make me look like a designer hero! With a big D on my chest. So for todays Target Tuesday Im going to focus on designer day planners. I usually have three or four of these suckers going on at one time. Why you ask do I need three or four...well that is because they tend to disappear for a day or two so I just start with a fresh one, until the old one pops up, makes perfect, efficient, organized sense.

I may sound like an undomesticated horse that needs training. ( And if you asked my husband he would probably agree) I may even sound a tad disheveled. But once I write something down, it is permanently carved into my brain. I don't know how it works, but I manage to remember everything. I always know what's ordered, when it is expected, who needs what, and whats to come. As long as I write it down once. So my fancy little designer planners won't be little at all. They will be at least 9x12 in size. Makes it easier to find. They will be in BRIGHT colors, also easy to find. They will have fun patterns on them and enclosed you will find lined paper and blank paper. Designers don't like restrictions or to be confined by rules so two kinds of paper gives us options. They will have pockets on the inside sleeves for additional notes, IMPORTANT posty notes, and business cards. And just to fancy it up in designer fashion I will gold and silver leaf the edges of paper. That just may discourage me from loosing it. Doubtful, but I can always make a lousy attempt with a smile on my face PROMISING my girls that I will do it.....or maybe or wont! Happy Target Tuesday!!


  1. Ohhh, I want one! I put everything on my huge wall calendar, and I am the same way..once it's on paper, it's embedded, for better or worse! So, when you make these wonderful planners, call me and I'll send you my address.:)

  2. OOH-LA-LA, the planner sounds fabulous...please do post a pic when you are done so we can all see!

    Sassy chica

  3. I take it you are feeling better? That is good. Just as long as you don't use goat skin for your planners....

  4. hmmm nice and abt the writing etching in your brain, gosh ya, you should have been a scientist or something cause i never remember what i write i my blog.....

    and find some time ma'am , i am waiting for you on my blog since like eternity, hope to see y there soonn

    take care and keep writing..........

  5. What in the sam hill are you saying? I need some pictures to make it easier to read one of the funniest and fun bloggers i know!
    (I can't lie, I'm too tired to read it without a photo or two 2 break it up) But I still love you!