Saturday, September 12, 2009

To be or not to be GREEN

The new buzz in the industry ( to consider yourself cool, fashionable, up to date, and twenty first century. Eh! who needs all that!) is to be a GREEN designer. Now when I graduated from school I was called GREEN. Not because I was nauseous, queasy and puking on everything, ( although that would have made me more memorable) but rather green to the field of Design. Some even called us the "green peas". I still find some industry's use this term, but GREEN has taken on a rather contemporary, hip meaning in the industry of design.

I have struggled with this kitchy trend, defying the odds that like computers this would simply go away. But the rebels have taken control of the capitol. They have created a revolution with guerrilla force tactics and these GREEN terrorists have plowed their way into the industry with insurgent force. I suppose I will take my head out of the sand, and come to terms with all this...eventually.

Shipping container morphed into and easy to move, inexpensive housing option

For those of you who follow my blog (the greatest, most spectacular blog written by the most intelligent woman in the world) you know that I challenge, defy, and revolt against many things. Thats what intelligent people do. Intelligent people like me. (Im telling you computers won't last.) GREEN has definitely been one of them. I have challenged this concept since day one. One of my bestest girlfriends, who has been in the industry for 23 years, was GREEN the moment she opened her first shop in 1986. Talk about a non-conformist, she created her own little mutiny in downtown Sacramento, California. She embarked on a path that was unorthodox, innovative and became a pioneer when being a GREEN designer wasn't cool; such a rebel! To this day I still tell her it won't last and she is a hippie. (this coming from the "intelligent" one of course)

Shipping containers packed together to create housing developments and communities.

Now Im not TOTALLY opposed to the idea of being GREEN. Although I REFUSE to use Fluorescent light bulbs. I do try to apply GREEN principles to all my designs. But living in Nashville, I find that few actually know what GREEN means, other than a spectacular paint color. Surrounded by a hillbilly nation they are already close to GOD. We are, after all, engulfed in the bible belt. Drive down ANY street and you will easily count 20-30 churches, side by side, offering GOD, in all his glory and grace. Case in point: My hubby and I own a slice of heaven on Kentucky Lake. I want to build a prefab GREEN house on the property. The builder says " now mam, we's can build ya anything ya like, but do you really want to waste your lake property on a green house? Cant you keep your plants at home?" No joke. I think my builder had HIS head in the sand next to me.

Shipping containers packed together to create school housing dorms.

Being in the elbow of the world, we call "the south" where everything is 85% saturated fat, loaded with sugar (love me some sugar!), add some butter (it makes EVERYTHING taste better), smatter, batter and deep fried, (we even consider mac and cheese to be a vegetable) I think it is safe to say that GOD, in all his glory and grace, will find the strength to forgive us, or just zap us with a heart attack. GOD had granted us amnesty here in the south. I don't make the rules I just enjoy the benefits. SO unless this GREEN stuff your talking about goes on the walls, feeds my plants, or shoots a deer, I will assume it is a lost cause.

illy coffee products commissioned an architect to build portable, easy to use coffee shacks that open and
set up coffee cafes in 90 seconds.

In honor of my hillbilly nation, close to GOD, deep fried, deer hunting neighbors I am posting about a new GREEN concept that is SWEEPING the nation. Shipping Containers. With the surge of foreclosure, limited space, and need for cheaper options, shipping containers are the wave of the future.( Could it be possible that I took my head out of the sand in time to be ahead of the curve? Don't be crazy that's not what INTELLIGENT people do! HA!)

Entire communities, apartments, condos, vacation homes and illy portable coffee shacks are popping up everywhere. They are super duper strong, easy to manipulate, and cheap. And for the south, perfect for a meth lab. So enjoy the pics, learn something and when you are done, head on down to the south for some deer jerky, mac and cheese, boiled peanuts and fried mayonnaise balls, with all the money you are saving it will be a feast!


  1. From one southern girl to another, I'm all about some deep fried twinkies but I cannot get down with a storage container house. That is where I draw the line on green.

  2. Cool pics but that storage house...nanh!!! My husband worked at (just laid off) an Architecture and Interior Design Firm where the entire building where he worked was eco friendly and green. The firm boasts many Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green buildings. Its really neat stuff, although I have to say....sometimes there has to be a line on just how much green I am willing to go.

  3. Stopping by from SITS! I love green products (handmade, recycled, non-toxic and made from natural elements) and the color green (lime green, kelly green, spring green) and greens (collards, kale, beet greens, swiss chard)Up here in the post-industrial North, it would be GREAT to see more use of things like leftover shipping containers, instead of leaving them to rust and look ugly...

  4. Thanks for the good comment on my blog. I do always try to be ahead of the curve...or at least in it! You've got such a cool blog here and we're practically neighbors! I enjoyed my visit and I will be back!

  5. Nice to meet a fellow Nashvillian...and someone so creative and talented. Yeah, I know what you mean. Even Nashville's recycling program is behind the rest of the world. I can only recycle aluminum and paper? How dumb is that? My boyfriend's mom lives in Oak Ridge, 3 hours away, and they have a very progressive recycling program.

  6. I have a client that doesn't want to buy anything from China. Will go out of his way in order not to. Should be interesting how that works out. Great post! Love that illy coffee container, very cool!

  7. More neat container homes at

  8. Yes going green is quite popular isn't it?

    I Like to say my 'pallet' in life is 'deep fried'.

  9. Look at you and your sexy little corner of the web. Me likey! And kudos to you for not using florescent lighting. Puke indeed. Thanks for stopping by my little old blog!

    See you around.


  10. both have their plus and minus points, but i think going green has more benefits than the latter, so green is always good, except for the vegetables thats is :P

    take care and keep writing............

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