Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So Im a little behind with my Target Tuesday today. I have been in the midst of a design crisis! Oh my! I received a call from a client last Wednesday. She needed accessories for her home for a big party on Saturday. Typically I don't rush to the demands of a "party". But she is a very good client. Despite being submerged in inventory, 35 other active clients, and a new contract with Comfort Inn suites, I made it happen. To my great disappointment and shock she emailed me this morning saying that she was returning SOME of the items. Typically on an accessories installation a client will return one or two items. She returned 80%!!

Accessories are the jewelry of the home. They make it complete. But in spite of the results they bring, installs are time consuming, hectic, costly, and they require man power. When a client decides to return items they have a heart attack when they get charged for TIME. I cannot do this for FREE. So alas I have been in the midst of a design crisis today. Not to mention the fact that 4 of the items returned were damaged. SO I charged a small fee to cover the fact that these items now have to be discounted. HEART ATTACK!! Holy jesus hit the brakes! You mean I have to PAY you to shop, pick, wrap, load, unload, unwrap, and place the items?! And I have to be RESPONSIBLE to get them back to you in pristine condition. Preposterous! Target takes my returns! So on with the SHOW!

In honor of my lovely, cranky, worn out bloggy friend Kristin (from cup of chaos) we are going to focus on accessories for the kitchen island. What does this have to do with my crisis? Absolutely nothing. What does this have to do with Kristen? Absolutely nothing. But she asked me nicely with a "pretty please" and a "cherry on top". With the kind of day I have had a "please" with a side of "cherries" will get you about anything today. So our kitchen island accessory of choice, Glass canisters. I love, love, love glass canisters. They add sparkle and sophistication to your counter, especially when they have lids! They are spectacular containers for coffee, fruit bars, snack bars, pasta, snack packs, fruit, candy (it has SUGAR in it!!) and crackers. It is a great way to "contain" everyday items in an up to date, stylish way. And when snacks look this good it makes them fun to display, fill and eat! YUM!

So my dear friends I apologize for the delay in our beloved Target Tuesday. But as you have read, Ive been busy, frustrated and irritated (with a side of chaffing on the rear.) Thinking of my lovely canisters makes me happy. Actually, thinking of my lovely and dear friend, Kristen, hiding in a ditch under a bush with a martini, makes me even happier. Start counting up those quarters my love, mamas coming to join you for a drink and a pick me up! ( I have been throwing quarters at her all day in fear of ruining my heels. But those suckers are coming off and I am making the hike down the hill for a drink!) Happy target tuesday!


  1. I love glass anything! I think that colored glass really brightens things up and is also whimsy and elegance rolled up into one.

  2. I have some glass containers that I love and some old fashioned glass jars. I try to buy 2nd hand or thrift and then clean up!

  3. You mean she returned the items after the party ? Whoa !

  4. Amanda,
    Maybe a list outlining how much people need to buy before they incur a charge for your time would be a thought? Or maybe you already do that? Who knows? Design should be free is how some people live? It's fun for us right :)

  5. LMAO!!!
    You are so Crazy!
    Thanks for giving me some GREAT ideas! I'll use one of my canisters for all the quarters!;O)
    NOW...should I expect a bill for your time or should I bill you for all the inspiration I gave you this week? LOL!
    Meet me in my ditch (I'll be here til Friday) and lets call it even over an Apple Martini!
    XOXOXO My Funny Friend!