Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remodeling series-Week 16

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Last week Mrs S was on vacation. I wanted to mention this because my inbox was flooded with emails from concerned readers wanting to know what happened to the series! Afraid they had missed something. No need to worry, we are back on schedule!
For those of you following this remodel you know that our latest hiccup was the doors. As the story goes in my line of business:  ”it will be two weeks.” But then two weeks comes and goes and it suddenly becomes another “two weeks.” At any rate our two week turn around for doors turned into almost five. So all of us were thrilled when they got here!
Mrs S and Co. immediately poo-poo’d the idea of the stained doors, but I am not past begging and pleading if I know it is perfect for the design. Ritchie, accustomed to working with me silently raised an eyebrow and just couldn’t envision it. But he trusted my judgement and when they went in today, everyone was thrilled with the idea of staining them! Yay!

Stained walnut doors will be THE epitome of luxury and decadence in this refined bathroom. The perfect solution to grounding the space, warming it up and adding that touch of elegance……………..but then the grim reaper ALWAYS has to play the devils advocate and ruin everything. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Read More}

Monday, September 19, 2011

Entertaining-A guide to proper invitation etiquette with CoryAnne Ettiene

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Housewife Bliss — The Finer Points Of Domesticity

Today I sit down with Corryanne Ettiene from Housewife Bliss, to discuss the proper do’s and don’ts of sending an invitation; a true art of entertaining. It is hard to imagine, but just a few short years ago entertaining was considered a socially routine practice, and people actually looked forward to, and made time for such events. GAASP! Entertaining was considered fun a host took pride in sending out invitations and holding a party in her home. (Oh domestic bliss and feminine power how far we have come)…..But now a days it seems that people spend more time crafting the perfect story why they just can’t make it…or worse they assume the host KNOWS that they won’t be coming.(aren’t we all telepathically connected to a USB port to know such things? …Oh wait we are, it’s called a computer)
In an oxymoronic age where people have a justified rationality for disposable everything, but somehow also want to have a green mentality, it’s hard to make sense of proper etiquette in a time with such convaluted rules. Being courteous and polite were once customary practices, however, it seems that in today’s reality driven, hyper-fame paradise we call America, all we know how to do is hide behind our emails, text messages and pessimistic nature. One of my favorite sayings that my grandmother always said is, “A woman’s beauty lasts only as long as her disposition stays sweet”. Although her dynasty was built entirely on class, sophistication and a 1950′s Continental Mark II Lincoln, grandma is the template of domestic perfection. While I don’t strive to be so organized, animated and pulled together, I do feel that every grandma in America could teach our youth a thing or two about manners. Especially when they can’t make up their mind whether to be activist hippies, or reality driven expendables that are dumber than a box of rocks! But I digress, once again.
In a society devoid of many social etiquette practices, I had some very specific questions from the domestic goddess herself, Coryanne Ettiene:

1) Decorative invites or save a tree
Amanda- Is is socially acceptable to send out decorative invites with so many tree-hugging, prius driving hippies that fantasize about a world without decorative tree killing

CoryAnne-Ah yes, that old chestnut and a rather hard nut to crack, because you are not going to please everyone all the time.  But  if you are inviting me to a dinner party, please send me a nice pretty invitation that I can put on my mantle and enjoy while I am dusting the living room. Rest assured, I am going to love your invitation, and when I remove it from my mantle it will go in the recycling bin to please my inner eco-warrior.

2) To email or not

Amanda- Are there happy alternatives to invitations that are not tree murderers, but not trendy, non-personal shortcuts like email invites?

Coryanne-Eco-invitations on recycled paper are very popular and nearly every stationary shop has an eco option. Some invitations are made from 100% recycled paper and others are creative combinations of recycling cards to create a new product.  With anything, spending a little money will get you a fabulous product, after all, you get what you pay for.
Forgoing the formal invitation in an envelope, a second option is for a bespoke post card invitation, they require less postage, less paper and still send the  message that you are planning a fabulous evening.

3) Where to shop

Amanda-What are some of the best places to get invitations?

Coryanne-Etsy is full of budding stationary shops that embody the eco-chic image and philosophy.  Like all stationary, your taste and style will navigate you towards a particular company. {Continue reading here!}