Monday, March 12, 2012

4 Fun Facts About Color

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4 Fun Facts About Color
Color is the dominant king when it comes to decorating because it is the single most valuable tool in a home. Think about it, if you leave your walls light and bright bright color accents can bring in excitement. If you paint your walls dark it can quickly add drama and mystique. Over the years my team and I have painted countless hours away in the various offices we have been in. So much so that I think it is safe to say that some of our office walls may be a half inch thicker than they were when we moved it! But I love paint and I love how it can instantly transform a room.
Color is not only exciting but it is a mischievous decorating tool that can instantly transform your space.

1) Color contrast

love the bold paint color.

Play up an architectural detail, or create a pop with that new bold chair by painting the wall a contrasting color. Colors that contrast boldly with their background make details stand out and draw attention to them. These can become the instant “wows” in a home!

2) Similar colors conceal

pale paint and open shelves

Painting everything the same color can conceal imperfections and make a room look seamless. It can also help calm the room down if there is a lot going on. Another trick, paint everything the same color, including trim to create beautiful shadowing details, like the photo above.