Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interior Designer Amanda Burdge discusses Handmade Felt Goods

Felt Pin by SMEETA

Felt Pillows by ISLA CORBETT

Felt Ottoman by GRAF AND LANTZ

I have noticed a big shift in consumerism in the past year. Albeit the economy has played a major role in this shift, I have seen a strong desire for handmade, handcrafted and all natural. Maybe as consumers we are realizing the importance of this anti industrialism ideal, especially with so many corporate company's scheming to get rich quick, at our expense. I have noticed a shift in my own buying habits, and crave for the unique, hidden treasure that is SPECIAL. I also crave home grown, all organic foods, especially since seeing the documentary, over the christmas holiday, Food Inc. I no longer want the item that everyone else has. My mother keeps saying to me "welcome to the 60's" "you have officially become a hippie". Hippie or not, I appreciate the skill, and love that goes into something handmade. I also appreciate that my handmade item is unique, and nothing like yours. I also appreciate that a 4 year old is not working in a sweat shop a gazillion miles away making the item Im wearing, and your wearing, and the neighbor is wearing.
Felt bunny by ETCETERA MEDIA

One particular item that has caught my eye is one of THE oldest crafts around, FELT. Used for centuries for it's durability, strength and warmth this age old product has been popular for obvious reasons, and its also inexpensive. Im loving the creative uses Im finding everywhere and it seems that Im SEEING it everywhere! I love the charm and simplicity of each item. Here are a few of my FAVORITES!

Felt Brooch by SOLEIL GIRL

Felt Brooch by KAMIMONO

Monday, January 25, 2010

Laurel Canyon Make over; by Amanda Burdge

I had really IMPORTANT tasks to get done today. A whole list of VERY important "to-do's" and "must get done". That list, currently glaring at me from the corner of my eye, on yellow note pad paper, is giving me the stink eye as I roam about on the internet. Now in all fairness I have accomplished, lets see... five things on the list. That my friends is a GOOD day. A FOCUSED day. Never mind the fact that the list is two pages long, neither here, nor there. I will just turn my head that much further to the left. There all better.
Ok lets get down to it. As I mentioned I have been doing "research" on the internet (before that stupid list got in the way) to find something to inspire, captivate and intrigue me. Well my friends I have found it! If these pics don't captivate your imagination I'm not sure anything can. This home, featured by HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, and written by Alexandria Mott is breathtaking. So pull up a chair, take a looksy, and pour yourself a cup of tea for our "Accomplished 5 things, and were done for the day" tea party!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nashville Interior design on Barbara Cosgrove lamps

The classics:

(I would say one of their most popular lamps)

(In the line since the beginning)

We here at AB HOME are so pleased with the new direction of the company. We feel grounded, and very assured that the economical debacle is behind us, and we can FINALLY focus on fun, pretty THINGS that make us HAPPY!! Ok so maybe it is a bit fantastical to live in candy land, but 2009 is in our rearview mirror and CANDY is SO much better to focus on. Remember students it has SUGAR in it! The greatest and most significant of the food groups. That could be why we are so bloated...I mean grounded....

Our trip to Market unearthed many new finds, and brought us back to some of our tried and true basics from years past. One of my most favorite discoveries, Barbara Cosgrove Lamps. My first encounter with this beautiful line was 7 years ago when I lived in Las Vegas. Her original catalogs were leather bound with beautiful black ribbon ties. Obviously a true creative, Barbara left no stone unturned. Everything from packaging, presentation all the way down to the actual product was certainly thought out. My first purchase was on looks alone. Yes a vain designer choice, but show me something SHINY, colorful, and FANCY and I turn into a giddy screeching three year old!

I had not forgotten about my beloved lamp line, but merely set it aside in my nest of thoughts. They are rather expensive but very unique. I felt that it just wasn't time to introduce them. So I waited, and waited and you guessed it; I waited. At this past Market I made my way to their showroom and purchased some very cherished and NEEDED candy! Alas, my lamps arrived and we are very excited! Have a looksy, give us your thoughts. We hope you likey.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Congratulations to us!

We have had many exciting changes occur over the past month. One very exciting announcement is that AB HOME now carry's the wonderfully charming, FUN, and colorful line, by none other than, Jonathan Adler! We hoped. We prayed. We crossed our fingers that we were WORTHY and IMPORTANT enough. So when the news broke that we had been "APPROVED", my girls and I skipped through the halls of AB HOME with joyous glee, smiling ear to ear. Could it be true? All this hard work, sleepless nights, and endless functions? Playing the bookkeeper, sales clerk, manager, assistant, stocker, receiving crew, and janitor? Has it really paid off? OMG, yes!!

We at AB HOME are so proud of where we are today! My staff and I have worked so hard over the past year to make this little company that could, into something GREAT! 2010 is proving to be a fantastic and optimistic year, and what better way to bring in the NEW YEAR, than with one of our most favorite designers. Did I mention we are EXCITED??

Well as a little treat I have posted a few of our favorite things from the JA line. We are doing a complete overhaul on our website (another new and exciting change!) and we will hopefully have all our new JA products up on the site with in a month! WHOO HOO! Hope all of you have a fabulous Saturday and I will continue to post about all our new and exciting announcements over the next couple of weeks!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back from the Dead

I know that my beloved fans and followers are probably wondering what the hell happened to me. So, so sorry. I have been on a bit of a hiatus. The warehouse sale was HUGE, then of course the holidays, Market in Atlanta and now a whole New Year!
Im very excited about 2010! We have many great things in store, and we have so many NEW things to talk about. Not to mention our VERY exciting news that we have been approved to carry the most beautiful and charming Jonathan Adler line of goods! YAY! So I will come back and give all the details about all of our new product lines, trends, up and comings, and the wonderful plans we have for the store starting this spring. I hope all of you had a fabulous holiday and when I have a tad more time I will report on all the goods!