Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nashville Interior design on Barbara Cosgrove lamps

The classics:

(I would say one of their most popular lamps)

(In the line since the beginning)

We here at AB HOME are so pleased with the new direction of the company. We feel grounded, and very assured that the economical debacle is behind us, and we can FINALLY focus on fun, pretty THINGS that make us HAPPY!! Ok so maybe it is a bit fantastical to live in candy land, but 2009 is in our rearview mirror and CANDY is SO much better to focus on. Remember students it has SUGAR in it! The greatest and most significant of the food groups. That could be why we are so bloated...I mean grounded....

Our trip to Market unearthed many new finds, and brought us back to some of our tried and true basics from years past. One of my most favorite discoveries, Barbara Cosgrove Lamps. My first encounter with this beautiful line was 7 years ago when I lived in Las Vegas. Her original catalogs were leather bound with beautiful black ribbon ties. Obviously a true creative, Barbara left no stone unturned. Everything from packaging, presentation all the way down to the actual product was certainly thought out. My first purchase was on looks alone. Yes a vain designer choice, but show me something SHINY, colorful, and FANCY and I turn into a giddy screeching three year old!

I had not forgotten about my beloved lamp line, but merely set it aside in my nest of thoughts. They are rather expensive but very unique. I felt that it just wasn't time to introduce them. So I waited, and waited and you guessed it; I waited. At this past Market I made my way to their showroom and purchased some very cherished and NEEDED candy! Alas, my lamps arrived and we are very excited! Have a looksy, give us your thoughts. We hope you likey.


  1. I love the first one, Amanda! I'm into bunnies so it was wonderful to open your post and see that as the first picture. I like the last one pictured, too. I think the shades are beautiful.

  2. I loved the second set...stunning!

  3. those are some lamps, ummm delicious :P

    take care and keep writing............

  4. love all the lamps..absolutely beautiful.!!