Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interior designer Amanda Burdge on her favorite beds

As we approach fall there is nothing I love more than a comfy, cozy decadent bed. Beds set the tone for a bedroom. Its where the angels sing, and the sweet dreams occur. There is nothing I love more than an upholstered bed. They add a texture, depth and softness that other materials cannot achieve. Here are a few of my favs!

Enjoy those zzzzzz's, look out the window and watch those beautiful amber, gold, and pumpkin colored leaves fall to the ground, as you lay in your tousled 400 thread counts!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Is it fair to say we are in a recession? Or would our "situation" be better described as an economic meltdown caused by greedy, glutinous, money hungry pigs swallowed and consumed with insatiable affluenza? I for one do not ever recall a time where every business, big or small, was so desperate and motivated for everyones dollar. My husband and I went to the mall Saturday night. I realized that I had not been in the mall for over nine months. No need to go. They want money for all those pretty, sparkly, shiny new things. Money that I do not possess. And yet I sell pretty, sparkly, shiny new things, and I am desperate and VERY motivated to get everyones dollar too. Funny how the world works. I need money to eat (not really), pay bills (is that really necessary I paid those last month), and make sure I have enough left over for my heavenly, splendid drink of choice, dirty martini, two olives, yum! (a few hundred bucks should do.) But like so many Americans with little left over, I am unable to participate in the purchasing of pretty, sparkly new things. I have a budget and priorities to stick to. A martini and olive budget. My little martini makes all my old, tired worn out decorations look new, intoxicating (literally) and fun. And some times I wake up and find them in new places (How exciting!) So our Target Tuesday focus will be on decorative, fun and AFFORDABLE, piggy banks.

Piggy banks can be fun, flirty, practical, and decorative. My piggy banks for Target will be all those things, plus easy on the bank. *wink* I will have banks in fun shapes like stars, globes, urns and the tried and true, Mr piggy himself. To add to the fun they will have fun sayings on them like "martini budget", "maid", "allowance", "spa day", "rainy day", " I need a break", and so on. My banks will easily go with your everyday decor, and to add to the fun I will have chalkboard on the backs so you can tally your savings. How fun! And to add to that youthful nostalgia, I will offer some banks that can only be accessed by breaking them.( "I NEED A BREAK!")

My little piggys will add whimsy and fun to the everyday mundane of feeling broke. They will make you smile as you add that extra dollar AND they will produce cold hard cash! How great is that? Resourceful and efficient. Something everyone could use a little more of in this economic meltdown! Thanks for visiting us on this Target Tuesday!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tips, tricks, and blacking out.

Oh how I love goofing off and doing whatever I want. No obligations, no responsibility...

As you all know I prefer to mouth off, play hooky or be naughty, rather than to save humanity from the greater evil on the planet or GASP! do something purposeful. What can I say, I was born in the projects, south of somewhere, with a drug addicted mother and and absent father.....are you buying any of my bulls**t? Yeh, I have had some problems working on this corner, no one seems to be buying any bullsh**t these days, probably the economy. Despite my desperate attempts to dodge, shake off, and elude my audience (does anyone actually read this blog?) I have come to the conclusion I can no longer avoid and escape the ruthless tactics to cheat my attention span.

I had a strategy. A plan of sorts to swindle my way out of this obligation and responsibility. EH! I hate the word Responsibility. When I signed up for this blog, if it can be deemed worthy of such, I guess I made a pact; (though I took it with less than a grain of salt.) But I KNEW it would come to this. I KNEW that the ugly "R" word would resurface, and a decision would have to be made. But like any good designer I simply IGNORED it. Surely it will just go away on it's own, right? My husband swears by this motto, in fact lives by it! If it works for him it will certainly work for me.....But they kept coming. One after another after another, they kept coming. The emails.

Denying any of the "R" word I had a choice to make. Reply to the emails, OR simply ignore them! Yes that is a grand plan. Making decisions is easy! We will ignore them and the "R" word responsibility will just go away. Like a 10 year old watching a movie with a sexy scene my mother would say, "pillows up"! So for the past 6 months I have kept my grimy, stained pillow up to my face. Peeking out occasionally to check the weather, feed the cats and of course, go pee. After all I'd rather enjoy my pillow with, and for good reason, than sell it for $2 dollars to cranky pillow lady!!

F-I-N-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I have rejected and dismissed my obligations long enough. And I REALLY need to get this pillow cleaned! So with dragging feet, head slumped down, eyes rolling into the back of my head, and the largest, ginormous SIGH you can EVER imagine, here are some of my tips, tricks, and words of advice on design.....

1) Add stock trim to everyday cabinets. Whether you apply trim to your already existing cabinets, or off the rack cabinets for a new project, adding trim will give you a custom look for little cost.
This simple 1/2" trim on the front, upper cabinets can easily be added to glass, or solid cabinets (see bottom cabinets) This is an easy project and can be done in an afternoon.

2) Paint the inside of bookshelves and cabinets. It creates depth, and allows your accessories to pop. You can also use contact paper, or wall paper to give it a super fun pattern or texture. ( but keep accessories simple if you do this) Select a paint color or paper that compliments your existing decor. Easy to do and can be done in less than an hour

3) Mix and match hardware. GASP! you can do that? YES! You do not have to match every single finish in the house. Mix it up. It gives the house a more refined, collected look, and no so matchy. In this pic we have stainless appliances and oil rubbed knobs. Also the faucet is antique pewter.

4) Use ribbon and upholstery tacks to create a fun easy display space in a hall, kitchen, mud room, or laundry room. Ribbon and upholstery tacks can easily be found at any craft store. Use them to creat a border. You can use a little chalkboard paint, magnetic paint and cork board to put within the makeshift decorative frame. Voila! A great display for the grocery list, kids projects, To-do's and memorable pics. This pic below is not framed with ribbon but could easily be added.

5) Add buttons, trim or fringe to ready made pillows. Pillows can be purchased anywhere. (like the new line offered at Target by Amanda Burdge...*wink*) All craft stores have embellishments, thread, and needles. Pick out your favorites and sew them on. Even if you can't sew this is fail proof. ! Easy peesie, lemon squeezie. Once again, make ready mades custom with a little ingenuity. This pillow and other ideas available at

6) Vodka. Drink plenty of this and EVERYTHING looks better! It can be found at any drugstore, liqueur store, or grocery store. Offered in numerous flavors, and best paired with sprite, seltzer or anything fizzy. As a extra bonus it will make you feel warm and fuzzy, (like that old boyfriend from high school, only better!) and will make all your trumped up worries go away..poof!... like magic!

May cause dizziness, blurred vision, loss of vision, (my eyes! Where are my eyes?!Oh they are right here where I left them...) increased sweating or spitting, forgetful breathing, turning blue and puking green, floppiness, sloppiness and constant crying, amnesia, drooping eyelids, nausea, and love for foreign, germ infested, porcelain toilets. Do not operate heavy machinery while taking vodka as it is known to cause sleepwalking, eating and driving while not fully awake resulting in pregnancy, Vegas marriages, one night stands, and finally, blacking out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Full of goats and happy soaps!

I popped on over to one of my favorite blogs on Tuesday, Monday, possibly Wednesday, it was a day of sorts, The MAAAA of pricilla. I was just coming over to see my cutie patootie Harry.

The publicist is not so bad either, but we won't let on that our true reason for coming over is to love up on those famous photos of Harry's mischief and mayhem. Unfortunately my adorable, lovely and darling Harry has been shipped off to the wolves, I mean another charming farm. I think the publicist was upset with all the attention I gave Harry. After all he was the cutest, most handsome goat.

When I popped over to reminisce on Tuesday, Monday, possibly Wednesday, what ever day, Jillian the goat was the size of the TITANIC! Ready to explode, implode or blow up, that girl was far beyond pregnant, she was knocked up. So the publicist held a little contest. What will Jillian have? A doe, a buck, or an alien. I voted alien, but then realized how dearly I missed my little Harry so I decided to vote TWINS! And not just any twins, but BLACK and WHITE twins!!

SO in honor of my little Harry, Jillian had TWINS!!! BLACK and WHITE twins!!!! Meet Emily and Jeffery

Now I know that little Jeffrey and Emily are too young to understand the magic that they have already made in their short existence. But I KNOW that my little Harry is channeling through them! Yup it is his little way of letting us know he is still here.

The publicist contacted me to let me know that Jillian had in fact had twins, and was rewarding me!! So we set are differences aside ( I was getting swag so I was on my BEST behavior) and I received my Happy Goat Soap today.
So thank-you to Jillian for channeling my dear, sweet Harry and making two more cute black and white's. And thank-you to the publicist, for sending me some Happy Goat Soap! You have made the discerning, unruly, demanding designer HAPPY! Maybe I should have a show on how to decorate for goats. Then we can feature you on goat CRIBS!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So once again I am behind on getting this TT up in a timely manner. Sorry to disappoint. I have been busy stuffing my face with deep fried, fun lovin, butter balls, with a side of sweet, sweet sugar. Maybe later I will have some mac and cheese to get my daily dose of vitamin something or other. I have also been enjoying a daily dose of my guiltiest pleasure, True Blood. Bill and Sookie are just icky sticky sweet to the point of compulsive dry heaves. And yet I still watch. I do admire her enthusiastic sass and Bill's ridiculous, over keen and methodical devotion. EH! And that crazy Maryann creature! Holy cow. Those eyeballs that she enforced on everyone gave me nightmares. Couldn't get them out of my head. YIKES!!

So today I need a prescription of pleasing and enchanting to get theses unpleasant heebie jeebies out of my mind. That prescription comes in the form of one of my favorite cooking essentials. Aprons. Not those long over the head stupid aprons. Im talking about the cute, 1950's gingham and ruffles, around the waste with HUGE pockets, aprons. I love this style of apron. Fun, flirty and oh so sexy in the kitchen with a side kissed honey.

This apron is compliments of Annie G's. Her website is My aprons will be similar to this but with more fabric and bigger pockets!

My aprons will consist of several fabrics. Almost like a quilt, but better. They will have gingham checks, florals, plaids, and strips all combined together in perfect harmony. They will have ruffles. Some will have them on the sides some on the bottom. And some will have ruffles on both the side and bottom. The materials will all be 100% cotton so they will be easy to clean and gain that worn-in, used vintage look. The tie around the waist will be approximately 2" thick and will be long enough to wrap entirely around your waist and back to the front to make the perfect, delightful bow. There will be pockets in the front large enough for comfort, utensils and any objects you will need close at hand. One size will fit all but there will be so many choices to choose from in style and colors you may need to buy two or three!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

To be or not to be GREEN

The new buzz in the industry ( to consider yourself cool, fashionable, up to date, and twenty first century. Eh! who needs all that!) is to be a GREEN designer. Now when I graduated from school I was called GREEN. Not because I was nauseous, queasy and puking on everything, ( although that would have made me more memorable) but rather green to the field of Design. Some even called us the "green peas". I still find some industry's use this term, but GREEN has taken on a rather contemporary, hip meaning in the industry of design.

I have struggled with this kitchy trend, defying the odds that like computers this would simply go away. But the rebels have taken control of the capitol. They have created a revolution with guerrilla force tactics and these GREEN terrorists have plowed their way into the industry with insurgent force. I suppose I will take my head out of the sand, and come to terms with all this...eventually.

Shipping container morphed into and easy to move, inexpensive housing option

For those of you who follow my blog (the greatest, most spectacular blog written by the most intelligent woman in the world) you know that I challenge, defy, and revolt against many things. Thats what intelligent people do. Intelligent people like me. (Im telling you computers won't last.) GREEN has definitely been one of them. I have challenged this concept since day one. One of my bestest girlfriends, who has been in the industry for 23 years, was GREEN the moment she opened her first shop in 1986. Talk about a non-conformist, she created her own little mutiny in downtown Sacramento, California. She embarked on a path that was unorthodox, innovative and became a pioneer when being a GREEN designer wasn't cool; such a rebel! To this day I still tell her it won't last and she is a hippie. (this coming from the "intelligent" one of course)

Shipping containers packed together to create housing developments and communities.

Now Im not TOTALLY opposed to the idea of being GREEN. Although I REFUSE to use Fluorescent light bulbs. I do try to apply GREEN principles to all my designs. But living in Nashville, I find that few actually know what GREEN means, other than a spectacular paint color. Surrounded by a hillbilly nation they are already close to GOD. We are, after all, engulfed in the bible belt. Drive down ANY street and you will easily count 20-30 churches, side by side, offering GOD, in all his glory and grace. Case in point: My hubby and I own a slice of heaven on Kentucky Lake. I want to build a prefab GREEN house on the property. The builder says " now mam, we's can build ya anything ya like, but do you really want to waste your lake property on a green house? Cant you keep your plants at home?" No joke. I think my builder had HIS head in the sand next to me.

Shipping containers packed together to create school housing dorms.

Being in the elbow of the world, we call "the south" where everything is 85% saturated fat, loaded with sugar (love me some sugar!), add some butter (it makes EVERYTHING taste better), smatter, batter and deep fried, (we even consider mac and cheese to be a vegetable) I think it is safe to say that GOD, in all his glory and grace, will find the strength to forgive us, or just zap us with a heart attack. GOD had granted us amnesty here in the south. I don't make the rules I just enjoy the benefits. SO unless this GREEN stuff your talking about goes on the walls, feeds my plants, or shoots a deer, I will assume it is a lost cause.

illy coffee products commissioned an architect to build portable, easy to use coffee shacks that open and
set up coffee cafes in 90 seconds.

In honor of my hillbilly nation, close to GOD, deep fried, deer hunting neighbors I am posting about a new GREEN concept that is SWEEPING the nation. Shipping Containers. With the surge of foreclosure, limited space, and need for cheaper options, shipping containers are the wave of the future.( Could it be possible that I took my head out of the sand in time to be ahead of the curve? Don't be crazy that's not what INTELLIGENT people do! HA!)

Entire communities, apartments, condos, vacation homes and illy portable coffee shacks are popping up everywhere. They are super duper strong, easy to manipulate, and cheap. And for the south, perfect for a meth lab. So enjoy the pics, learn something and when you are done, head on down to the south for some deer jerky, mac and cheese, boiled peanuts and fried mayonnaise balls, with all the money you are saving it will be a feast!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Before and after's

Most weeks I prance around here with the big "D" on my chest like God's gift to designer society. (And most weeks I am God's gift. I mean really does it get any better than me? Ha!) Placed here on special assignment to devour and conquer ugly spaces, I glide from space to space waving my magic wand of excellence. With gale force winds, I twist, tweak, and storm through the unpleasant and make things, appealing and agreeable. This however, is not one of THOSE weeks.

This week has been unfriendly, displeasing, repugnant, and downright disagreeable. Gasp! I'm going to head over to Kristen's (at cup of chaos) and just steal the whole bottle of Vodka. Maybe two. Taking one drink at a time, out of this CUP of chaos, is just not working! Im beyond cups and chaos at this point. I need a BOTTLE of pandemonium with a side of havoc, mayhem and I will take anarchy for dessert.

To bring back that luster of hope that I am gifted, accomplished, and talented, I thought I would put up some before and afters. Maybe this will help me feel like a competent, capable designer who can actually CREATE, design and implement, despite the fact that my clients think Im a punching bag, door mat, and bank of trust. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So Im a little behind with my Target Tuesday today. I have been in the midst of a design crisis! Oh my! I received a call from a client last Wednesday. She needed accessories for her home for a big party on Saturday. Typically I don't rush to the demands of a "party". But she is a very good client. Despite being submerged in inventory, 35 other active clients, and a new contract with Comfort Inn suites, I made it happen. To my great disappointment and shock she emailed me this morning saying that she was returning SOME of the items. Typically on an accessories installation a client will return one or two items. She returned 80%!!

Accessories are the jewelry of the home. They make it complete. But in spite of the results they bring, installs are time consuming, hectic, costly, and they require man power. When a client decides to return items they have a heart attack when they get charged for TIME. I cannot do this for FREE. So alas I have been in the midst of a design crisis today. Not to mention the fact that 4 of the items returned were damaged. SO I charged a small fee to cover the fact that these items now have to be discounted. HEART ATTACK!! Holy jesus hit the brakes! You mean I have to PAY you to shop, pick, wrap, load, unload, unwrap, and place the items?! And I have to be RESPONSIBLE to get them back to you in pristine condition. Preposterous! Target takes my returns! So on with the SHOW!

In honor of my lovely, cranky, worn out bloggy friend Kristin (from cup of chaos) we are going to focus on accessories for the kitchen island. What does this have to do with my crisis? Absolutely nothing. What does this have to do with Kristen? Absolutely nothing. But she asked me nicely with a "pretty please" and a "cherry on top". With the kind of day I have had a "please" with a side of "cherries" will get you about anything today. So our kitchen island accessory of choice, Glass canisters. I love, love, love glass canisters. They add sparkle and sophistication to your counter, especially when they have lids! They are spectacular containers for coffee, fruit bars, snack bars, pasta, snack packs, fruit, candy (it has SUGAR in it!!) and crackers. It is a great way to "contain" everyday items in an up to date, stylish way. And when snacks look this good it makes them fun to display, fill and eat! YUM!

So my dear friends I apologize for the delay in our beloved Target Tuesday. But as you have read, Ive been busy, frustrated and irritated (with a side of chaffing on the rear.) Thinking of my lovely canisters makes me happy. Actually, thinking of my lovely and dear friend, Kristen, hiding in a ditch under a bush with a martini, makes me even happier. Start counting up those quarters my love, mamas coming to join you for a drink and a pick me up! ( I have been throwing quarters at her all day in fear of ruining my heels. But those suckers are coming off and I am making the hike down the hill for a drink!) Happy target tuesday!

Monday, September 7, 2009

In honor of Labor Day

In honor of labor day and a farewell to our beloved summer I thought I would post some of my favorite outdoor spaces. These are spaces I would love to enjoy some afternoon reading, and evening with friends, or a midnight nightcap!

How great would this space be for an afternoon lunch with close friends.

Holy Jesus. I just want to live here! I will even sleep on the couch or the floor! Isn't this view to die for!

This space space would be lovely to enjoy with that special someone, and a glass a wine.

What a great space to kick back, grab a great book, light a fire on a cool night and get lost in ghouls, dragons and vampires.

What a great extension of space. Bringing the indoors out this space would be perfect for an afternoon business brunch, philanthropic fund raiser, or an intimate gathering with friends.

This cozy little space screams quiet evening dinner with my hubby.

I want to put on my favorite PJ's, grab a glass of sweet tea, my favorite throw, and get lost in a style mag.

(All photos compliments of house beautiful magazine)

And last but not least! This space makes me want to call my bestest girlfriend, grab a bottle of pinot and spend an afternoon dishing about all the ridiculous gossip and rumors. (A guilty pleasure that we would never admit to!)

Have a great labor day everyone!!