Thursday, September 17, 2009

Full of goats and happy soaps!

I popped on over to one of my favorite blogs on Tuesday, Monday, possibly Wednesday, it was a day of sorts, The MAAAA of pricilla. I was just coming over to see my cutie patootie Harry.

The publicist is not so bad either, but we won't let on that our true reason for coming over is to love up on those famous photos of Harry's mischief and mayhem. Unfortunately my adorable, lovely and darling Harry has been shipped off to the wolves, I mean another charming farm. I think the publicist was upset with all the attention I gave Harry. After all he was the cutest, most handsome goat.

When I popped over to reminisce on Tuesday, Monday, possibly Wednesday, what ever day, Jillian the goat was the size of the TITANIC! Ready to explode, implode or blow up, that girl was far beyond pregnant, she was knocked up. So the publicist held a little contest. What will Jillian have? A doe, a buck, or an alien. I voted alien, but then realized how dearly I missed my little Harry so I decided to vote TWINS! And not just any twins, but BLACK and WHITE twins!!

SO in honor of my little Harry, Jillian had TWINS!!! BLACK and WHITE twins!!!! Meet Emily and Jeffery

Now I know that little Jeffrey and Emily are too young to understand the magic that they have already made in their short existence. But I KNOW that my little Harry is channeling through them! Yup it is his little way of letting us know he is still here.

The publicist contacted me to let me know that Jillian had in fact had twins, and was rewarding me!! So we set are differences aside ( I was getting swag so I was on my BEST behavior) and I received my Happy Goat Soap today.
So thank-you to Jillian for channeling my dear, sweet Harry and making two more cute black and white's. And thank-you to the publicist, for sending me some Happy Goat Soap! You have made the discerning, unruly, demanding designer HAPPY! Maybe I should have a show on how to decorate for goats. Then we can feature you on goat CRIBS!


  1. Aren't they cute! Congrats on your winning for the correct guess Amanda.

  2. How cute! I wonder if they can teach my dogs to sit??

  3. Too cute!!! We used to have goats on our farms and the little ones are so precious!!!
    Congrats on your win too!

  4. The publicist is so glad your soap got there safe and sound. I realize I should have autographed my sticker. But then my hoof print takes up the whole of it and would have covered my face.

    Thank you for the lovely post about our Farm and the new kids!

  5. Awwww so adorable! Love them, and some soap too! Yay!

  6. cho chweet really, hmm nice to know to, sweet post ya :)

    and where r u still gotta see you at my blog.....

    take care and keep writing...........

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