Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So once again I am behind on getting this TT up in a timely manner. Sorry to disappoint. I have been busy stuffing my face with deep fried, fun lovin, butter balls, with a side of sweet, sweet sugar. Maybe later I will have some mac and cheese to get my daily dose of vitamin something or other. I have also been enjoying a daily dose of my guiltiest pleasure, True Blood. Bill and Sookie are just icky sticky sweet to the point of compulsive dry heaves. And yet I still watch. I do admire her enthusiastic sass and Bill's ridiculous, over keen and methodical devotion. EH! And that crazy Maryann creature! Holy cow. Those eyeballs that she enforced on everyone gave me nightmares. Couldn't get them out of my head. YIKES!!

So today I need a prescription of pleasing and enchanting to get theses unpleasant heebie jeebies out of my mind. That prescription comes in the form of one of my favorite cooking essentials. Aprons. Not those long over the head stupid aprons. Im talking about the cute, 1950's gingham and ruffles, around the waste with HUGE pockets, aprons. I love this style of apron. Fun, flirty and oh so sexy in the kitchen with a side kissed honey.

This apron is compliments of Annie G's. Her website is bagsbyannieg.com My aprons will be similar to this but with more fabric and bigger pockets!

My aprons will consist of several fabrics. Almost like a quilt, but better. They will have gingham checks, florals, plaids, and strips all combined together in perfect harmony. They will have ruffles. Some will have them on the sides some on the bottom. And some will have ruffles on both the side and bottom. The materials will all be 100% cotton so they will be easy to clean and gain that worn-in, used vintage look. The tie around the waist will be approximately 2" thick and will be long enough to wrap entirely around your waist and back to the front to make the perfect, delightful bow. There will be pockets in the front large enough for comfort, utensils and any objects you will need close at hand. One size will fit all but there will be so many choices to choose from in style and colors you may need to buy two or three!


  1. I love aprons as well. This is my blog post that leads to a really great apron site...

    You will get much inspiration...

    Your soap sample is in the mail!

  2. I was just discussing aprons with my younger brother who is opening up a restaurant. I love them...on other people!!

  3. I LOVE cute vintage style aprons too! My husband makes fun of my little collection! Your design sounds lovely!

  4. They sound fabulous. I think I would buy one, or two !

  5. Love the apron!! I like your design ideas, you would make such a great target designer!!

  6. Great aprons. You should do a Mommy/daughter set. how cuet would THAT be!

  7. you are creating aprons now, wow really really cool, i wish you all the luck

    fedex me some, dont mind i 'wont' pay you, cause we are frenz na so :P

    take care and keep writing...........

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