Monday, September 7, 2009

In honor of Labor Day

In honor of labor day and a farewell to our beloved summer I thought I would post some of my favorite outdoor spaces. These are spaces I would love to enjoy some afternoon reading, and evening with friends, or a midnight nightcap!

How great would this space be for an afternoon lunch with close friends.

Holy Jesus. I just want to live here! I will even sleep on the couch or the floor! Isn't this view to die for!

This space space would be lovely to enjoy with that special someone, and a glass a wine.

What a great space to kick back, grab a great book, light a fire on a cool night and get lost in ghouls, dragons and vampires.

What a great extension of space. Bringing the indoors out this space would be perfect for an afternoon business brunch, philanthropic fund raiser, or an intimate gathering with friends.

This cozy little space screams quiet evening dinner with my hubby.

I want to put on my favorite PJ's, grab a glass of sweet tea, my favorite throw, and get lost in a style mag.

(All photos compliments of house beautiful magazine)

And last but not least! This space makes me want to call my bestest girlfriend, grab a bottle of pinot and spend an afternoon dishing about all the ridiculous gossip and rumors. (A guilty pleasure that we would never admit to!)

Have a great labor day everyone!!


  1. Loved them all! I love outdoor spaces when the sun is going down. In fact, I choose vacations spots based on the outdoor space! Of course, mine is a wood deck with chewed up furniture courtesy of the dogs!!

  2. Oh how lovely! I could just live outside....that is til the bugs start to bite....ouch!

  3. They are very nice but I see nothing for goats. Where are the goat spaces? We goats need good design too, you know.

  4. So sad that summer is over, but fall is lovely too, it just means we are that much closer to the cccooold! Great spaces!

  5. they are all incredible spaces, but that second one has such a sweet view!

  6. These spaces are cute! Happy Belated Labor Day! Oh and you may want to stop by check the randomness going on!

  7. Awww, what gorgeous pics, they all look FABULOUS, my favorites pic 2 and 3!

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful sites...
    I luv eye candy:)

    Sassy chica

  8. awesome is the least i can say, i totally agree with u love them all

    take care and keep writing.........