Monday, September 13, 2010

Are you living or are you existing?

I constantly talk about living a true lifestyle on this blog. And I am a stickler for living a glamourous life. Too often potential clients have a preconceived notion that design has to be expensive. That is has to be over the top, and essentially out of their league. But what most people don't realize is design is not about expensive. It is about luxury
What do I define as luxury? 

Luxury is about indulgence, whether big or small, but gives the smallest things grandeur. Luxury is charming, beautiful, and spellbinding. But most importantly, luxury is about magnifigance, easy splender, and guiltless laziness. ~ Amanda Burdge

Luxury is not about money, it is about the simple pleasures in life that influence your mood. 
A good night's sleep, a wonderful cup of coffee, or fresh flowers on your nightstand. It is a rich meal with friends, or a fabulous pitcher you found at a flea market for $2, yet makes your heart skip a beat. No, luxury is not about money but rather a realization that the finer things really do come in small packages, and none the less, take your breath away. That is true luxury. 

Nicole Yee

Here are a list of AB HOME's favorite things to add a little luxury in your life:

1) All things vintage like this smith corona 1970's orange typewriter

I just LOVE THIS!!

2) Numi Tea
Numi Tea out of San Francisco has an array of organic teas
to die for!

3) Versai Linens

These are a wee bit expensive. A set of sheets will set you back
about $500, but well WORTH it! 
(you may never get out of bed...Is that so bad?)

4) Paddywax Candles, The Classic Collection

There is a reason I carry these in my store. These candles are hands down the 
best in the business. They are soy based, burn clean, and just so happens
the company is ran and operated by women. LOVE that!

5) Memory Tiles by Sid Dickens

I adore art, and I adore collections. 
Sid Dickens memory blocks are the perfect combo for both! 
They are handmade peices of art at an incredible price,
and they make great gifts!!

What are some things in your life that make it luxurious? 
What are some things that make it glamourous?

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  1. Such a well articulated post. I am definitely living, not existing. Life is too short to deprive or deny yourself the ability to experience so many wonderful things. Luxury is a very relative term. For some it is a roof over their heads, for others it's lightly scented Frette sheets.

    But real luxury is in the mind. Surround yourself with things YOU love. Celebrate life. Actually soak in the experiences of the day. Own precious things you adore (however inexpensive they might be) and L-I-V-E.

    GREAT post!!!

  2. Love this post, Amanda. So many beautiful ideas! I WANT those bed linens
    Have a nice day.

  3. "Luxury is about the simple pleasures in life that influence your mood!" That is brilliant! And yes, a good night's sleep is always a luxury!

  4. The title of this post is perfect, and I LOVE what you said - so true! Loving your picks, the good night's sleep and numi tea are wonderful :)

  5. The publicist thinks she learned to type on that machine. No wait it was older.....

    Don't forget homemade goat's milk soap

  6. I think living in the expensive Bay Area, I have learned to live with quality rather than quantity. The McMansions, the malls, chain restaurants and such are things we don't have much of in the Oakland Hills area. Having smaller homes in beautiful, lush areas full of outdoor adventures.....diverse people and knowing the folks who own the local mom and pop stores are a true luxury for me after having grown up in beige, bland, anonymous suburbia;)
    Terrific post!

  7. Alright, I can't say thank you enough b/c I was just looking at my bedroom this weekend and the 4 Sid Dickens pieces that I have hanging. They are all very special and were wedding gifts for my husband and I TEN years ago already. I was just wondering how passe they were.... (I would still keep them up regardless), but again, just wondering! I can't believe they are on your (amazing) list :)

  8. I LOVE this post, Amanda. You are so right about what luxury is (and what it isn't).



  9. What is luxury to me? Two scoops of ice cream on a hot summer night, lunch with girlfriends just because we can, beautifully framed artwork (whether it is childrens art or something more expensive, I indulge in beautiful framing) and loving my husband of 24 years as much today as I did when I married him. is good!

  10. A seven dollar bag of black oiled sunflower seeds to indulge my birdies does it for me.

    Looking forward to the blog redux.

  11. LOVE the idea of wrapping presents with old maps!

  12. I am in loveeee with that staircase! WOW. Absolutely breathtaking! Completely spells "luxury" to me. Great post!

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