Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Colorful Friends and Colorful Conversation, by Nashville Interior designer, Amanda burdge

Today Lori Sawaya, from Color Budz, Kelly Berg, from Arte Styling and myself did a podcast on lighting, and how it effects color! I want to thank both of them for being so gracious, and allowing me to BLAB on and on about the new and exciting technology's in LED lighting. 
As we transition into the next decade we are going to see a huge push in energy conservation, and recycling of materials. But what does that mean for our homes and interiors? Well with new research and development in LED lighting, we will no longer have to sacrifice quality of light to appease sustainability demands.
The lighting we have in our homes effects everything from mood, color and atmosphere. And when you are selecting a wall color, you are not just picking paint. Selecting the right color is a science, and a skillful art. Many factors come into play when selecting the right one. If you get all the components right, you have design magic. But mess it up, just one thing, and you have design disorder.
We touched on several exciting things in the world of lighting. Most importantly the way to buy a bulb. There is a lot of info on the bulb box, and trying to decipher it can be perplexing. We broke down key things to look for, terminology, and why buying smart will effect the way you purchase today so you free up your tomorrows. 

For more info on the hosts, and color pods, click here.
Thanks again for letting me hang out with y'all today. I cannot wait to hear Lori work her magic on the editing, and as soon as it goes live, I will let all of you know!

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  1. We are a titch bummed with our lighting choices; we picked all energy star fixtures and they take a specific CFL bulb. When we shopped for lights the LEDs weren't really out. Of course we thought we would be in the house by now.

    At least they are energy star

  2. Thanks for joining us, AB! And for educating us on LED lighting. Was great to have you!

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