Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What everyone needs to know about building Libraries, by Amanda Burdge

I'm currently working on a home that is in need of a design solution. Off the main family room is a pass through, that leads to the laundry room. However, this pass through is 12x10. It is essentially a room but with only one half wall and one main wall. My suggestion to the client is to make it into a place of purpose.

 Something that looks intended, instead of an after thought. My solution? A library with booze storage. What better a way to spend an afternoon, then pouring yourself into a good book, and getting sloshed?

This sketch, done by my awesome cabinet maker, Doug Lawler, is done for the main and longest wall, in our quasi room. This unit will provide much needed book storage, accessory storage, and will also provide great accent lighting.
This wall, which is the shorter wall, will provide the wine, booze and glass storage. It will also add sparkle with the reflection from the mirror, and add additional lighting. Sketch also done by Doug.
Bookshelves in a home add sophistication, refinement, and exude culture and experience. It was not too long ago that an education was something that was considered very valuable, and a person who had a library was considered worldly, and rich. Books were expensive, and literacy was prized and esteemed. 

And yes, booze has been around since the dawn of time, and probably not considered worldly, but it sure is nice to sip on a lovely vino while curled up to a classic Jane Austen! 

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  1. I bet it will look great - I'd love a library!

  2. LOVE that idea, Amanda! Make it a destination instead of a pass-through. Quite a large space to just be a pass-through and being a bookshelf lover myself, I love the idea and the drawing.

  3. I dislike having lots of space in a home that is unused, incorporating a book shelf, a place to sit and the important refreshments is a great idea. I love the comcept of having a library in a house and this is a perfect solution for an otherwise unused space! Great design Amanda. xx

  4. i love the sketch! the design of the bookcases is fab, and it's ingenious to add a bar to the mix as well! i'm sure your client loved your concept.

  5. I just found your site and am so glad I did! I am a huge fan of books in design. Love your drawings!

  6. Amanda - I love it!! That is going to be such a great space!!

  7. Sounds like a great idea, I would love to have one of those!

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