Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Sets by interior designer Amanda Burdge

One of my client's often goes to a local tea house, here in Brentwood, called World Cup of Tea. They are a tea house that offers premium and rare teas, along with various tea accessories, and teapots. I myself have never been a huge tea drinker. I am often admiring from afar, but because I love the tea pots, I play along, and buy ridiculous stock in pots, cups, and platters that I don't need, but love to collect! And I have to admit I will occasionally indulge in a lovely and exotic lipton peach tea in the winter!

How lovely is this set from Pottery Barn? I just want to sit down in my yellow summer dress, with friends, eat cucumber sandwiches and enjoy an afternoon of laughter, and giggles.

This set is so sweet! How great would this be as a wedding gift, or for your best friend? Or how about a romantic evening on the terrace with your better half watching the sunset?

Ok, so the set above is a little too sticky sweet for you? Well take a look at the terrorist teapot by Rocking Republic. A little sass, a little humor, and a whole lotta fun. Bring on the lipton tea!
Heres a few more of my favorites that I found, that would look very handsome in my teapot collection:

Don't you want to have some tea? Well, I think it's a bit hot, but I am sure I can make a pot of iced tea and any of these great pots would work beautifully for an afternoon of chilled, sweet tea, from the south.

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  1. Yes, indeed tea would be nice served in any of those lovely white containers. I love the tablescape. Pottery Barn always does such a phenom job on their product shoots.

    I will be there at 2 sharp or perhaps a bit later afterall its a hell of a commute :)

  2. I love formal tea.
    One of my favorite memories is tea at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. It is truly memorable.

  3. What a great selection!
    I love the plans for a romantic summer evening ...

  4. I am in total agreement. I don't drink tea but love to collect tea pots and cups.

  5. those are some teapots.... i dint knew they had such a variety :) nice :)

    take care and keep writing............

  6. I had a small collection of teapots, up until last year when I simplified things. I don't even drink tea! Well, iced tea if it counts. I actually did a tea for my daughter's shower. It's probably not the best thing to serve though for a summer shower.

  7. Those beatiful picture has attracted me a lot.Graceful and quiet exquisite Set !

    What a great collection!

  8. wow! soo nice tea sets.. i'm really impressed! I think it'll be fun if there can also be unique designs for tea kettles.. perfect fun gifts for the holidays!

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