Monday, May 3, 2010

Senior Show, Franklin TN

This Friday the O'more college of design will be showcasing it's annual Senior Design show. This show is so much fun to go to and see all the budding designers and raw talent. This show, sponsored by The Factory at Franklin, displays color boards, prints, models and many more creative applications to show off their stuff.

O'more College

The college was founded in 1970 by Eloise Pitts O'More. She patterned the school after Le College Feminin in Paris, France, where Pitts studied in the late 1920s, and was aimed at women, who were traditionally not involved in the design fields. O'More began the college with nine students in her home. Since Pitts death in 2002, the college has passed into the hands of Dr. Mark Hilliard. He continues to "fan the flame" of creativity. It was originally founded as O'More School of Interior Architecture and Design and is located in the historic district of Franklin. It is a non-traditional, accredited college awarding the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior DesignFashion Design & Merchandising, and Visual Communications which includes Graphic DesignAdvertising & Animation. It has an enrollment of about 200 students each year, and the grounds and school are amazing.

 O'more College grounds

O'more logo

This event will be held at The Factory in Franklin, (which is an old stove factory converted into comfortable shopping, and decadent, urban restaurants), on May 7th from 6-9pm. 

The Factory At Franklin

The Factory at Franklin

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  1. I love Franklin. Is Miss Martha Tea Shop still there? I was part of The Iron Gate for a while. Then, she opened her own place. My boys still remember her Strawberry cake. Yum!

    Please stop by for my newest post on renovating our home.

  2. When I lived in TN, Franklin was name one of the top cities in the US to retire. I can totally see why.

  3. The college seems beautiful! The building in the first photo is quite stunning.

  4. The University building is wonderful. Although the factory is also interesting!

  5. Fun! It sounds like a really special little school ...

  6. I would love to atttend a college like this.

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