Friday, May 7, 2010

Nashville Flood

The Grand Ol Opry 

Nashville residents have been putting their lives back together the best they can, despite the devastation from last weekend's floods. Here in the South we are known for our sense of community, and we are not called the volunteer state for no reason. Everyone has been helping one another out, lending a helping hand, donating supplies, and helping each other dig out of the desolation and ruin. What most people don't know is that most folks did not have flood insurance because they were not in flood planes. Many have lost EVERYTHING they own, including heirlooms, priceless, irreplaceable possessions, and everyday necessities like appliances and a bed! (think about that for a moment. If you walked out your front door right now, with just the clothes on your back and nothing else, what would you be leaving behind...)

Believe it or not, we have received little news about this unprecedented event. Why? Because here in the South we are quietly helping one another out in the face of anguish, shock and absolute heartache. Due to our kind nature, and our do anything to help attitude, everyone is doing everything they can to help out the other. We are not looting, ransacking, or shooting one another. Because we are behaving like KIND adults, and giving as much as we possibly can, QUIETLY, the American Red Cross is receiving very little response, and many organizations have received few calls. FEMA has responded and encourages people to sign up (make sure you have been declined from your own insurance) for relief. Governor Bredesen has spoken with President Obama who signed a disaster declaration for the state on Tuesday, sending federal aid to Tennessee to help supplement the state and local recovery efforts. While Governor Bredesen wouldn't put a precise dollar amount on a damage assessment, he admitted, "it's a lot of money, it's a lot of money. I'd be astonished if not a billion dollars." The Governor is pleased with the response from the White House and FEMA, however, this disaster has been overshadowed due to the oil spill in LA, the times square bombing attempt, and Yeardley Love's death in Virginia. While all of these incidents are very important issues, so is the unparalleled 13" of rainfall this city received. It is reported that this event will not occur for another 500 years. Is that not news? 

I would like to thank ABC nightly news with Diane Sawyer, and Good Morning America for finally doing a piece on this heartbreaking event, and letting the rest of the country know what has happened.

We are still excepting DONATIONS here at the store, and we encourage you to contact
the American Red Cross, Second Harvest Food bank or Hands on Nashville.You can also 
go to this website to see local business' that are excepting donations, and offering 
additional services to aid in the relief efforts.
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  1. How devastating! We have some Nashville residents here in Oakland who have friends who've lost everything back in Nashville. The community has been rounding up items to send them since none of their personal effects are covered by insurance. I was so saddened to see the Grande Ol Opry under water.....

  2. Amanda, how heartbreaking to the families. I wish I could do more!

    Art by Karena

  3. I got goose bumps when you spoke about kind people helping one another, no looting or shooting. It restores one's faith in humanity. I long for news reporting that uplifts and gives us examples like this to live UP to. I sometimes feel that society has become numb to all the negativity we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Knowing that as a society we will respond with kindness in moments of tragedy will create less fearful selfish behaviour. How wonderful if this could become the norm.

  4. Such a terrible disaster, I wish the people recive very quickly help.regards

  5. How terribly devastating, but what a wonderful community you have there. Community is sadly lacking in so many places now. Your post about this awful flood is so intelligently and sensitively written, I appreciate reading about it from you. Rachaelxx

  6. This is so sad and I hope that the waters recede soon and people can get to cleaning up and replacing their lost things.

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