Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nashville designer Amanda Burdge- Decorating ingredients for the real you

If you had to list the most absolute essential ingredient for your home, what would it be? For me, no place would be home without comfy down pillows, fragrant candles, custom draperies and fresh cut flowers.
More importantly, if you have a passion for an item, do you find places around the house to put that item?  Do not let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't do, simply because this magazine or that magazine says not to. Gone are the days of the "living room" for special occasions. Today we LIVE in our homes. They are our havens, our sanctuaries and our retreats. A refuge to get away from all the headaches of the day, and find peace. So isn't it important to find places for those special items even if you think you don't have the room?
Alison Whittaker
For example, if you have a dining room that is nothing more than a storage unit for papers, mail, sports paraphernalia and miscellaneous other items, and you really need a study, then turn that sucker into a study.
Margaret Norcott
In the wake of the tragic flooding here in Nashville, now more than ever, people are seeking refuge in the few items that are left. With the overwhelming devastation of loosing just about everything, now is the time to take stock. And this is a good lesson for anyone who's life has been turned upside down, and forced into change. 

Reevaluate your passions. What are your must-haves that encourage you to be who you are, and still remind you of where you've come from? As a designer I cannot tell you what ingredients to put into your home to create the blueprint of the real you. These are the items that are collected over lifetimes. But I can offer help to create atmosphere, serenity and help you develop a lifestyle with these items. I can offer solid decorating ideas and information, filled with options, options, and more options, so that you have the tools and the know-how to build that blueprint, that showcases the real you.
 I've no doubt that change, whether good or bad, always promotes renewal and reflection on the catalog's of our lives. We archive in our memories what is important and gives us value, striving to reach our end goals as quickly as possible, while overlooking the journey. Things are just things unless you make them the building blocks to enrich the real you. The pilgrimage of daily life that takes us on our unexpected excursions, be it long or short, expected or unexpected, the journey is where you will find a snapshot of who you really are today. The travels in between the destinations create a homemade prescription to life. Thus, creating a home filled with the ingredients that make you, you! Each recipe special and unique only to those that inhabit that residence, and a lifestyle to call home.

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  1. Amanda, this was really well written piece. I enjoyed it. Sorry to hear about the floodings in your area. I have been so out of the loop of what is going on in the world. I hope you and your family are ok.

  2. Love the pictures you used here, Amanda. They are gorgeous rooms. I knew right away what I would want as my ingredients ~ books, pillows, soft throws, family pictures ~ all those things that are comfy cozy and familiar. Oddly enough, I believe I have these things in just about every room in my house!

  3. It's so true. When it comes down to it so much of what you might consider important is really just clutter.

  4. Lovely! I agree, I agree, I agree!!! Especially with, forgetting those darn decorating rules...and doing what makes you connect with your past, present and future in your home!

  5. I like having fake flowers, candles, and fun decorative pieces around the house :)

  6. You never cease to pull some of the most spectacular designer images. Each of these rooms is magnificent! I am right with you on the dining room conversions many people have fabulous space in their dining rooms that is underutilized.

  7. On my list is also candles. I love to light them in the evening, it brings a nice gentle glow to my livingroom.

    I hope that things are getting turned around in your city. Honestly it is so sad to think of all the people who have lost everything in the flood and the tornado. I'm truly counting my blessings.


  8. Really great advice, and these images are all gorgeous! ( ps. I love fake flowers!)

  9. Amanda, great post! My living room tells exactly who and what I am, and I love it. Hope this comment finds you well and happy. I feel so badly for all of the chaos this flood caused.

  10. I hope those affected by the floods are on the road to recovery. Such an unfortunate and tragic incident to undergo. It does make you pause and reflect on what's truly important to you.

    As for the room designed by Margaret Norcott....can I say how much I love that space! And those's a vignette that describes the look I'm after.

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