Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Target Tuesday.

In honor of our make-up wearing, costumed loving Halloween merriment, I wanted to slip in a little holiday festivities for our TT today. Typically I wouldn't add Halloween to my category list of Target Tuesday must haves. But this year will be my nieces last youth, dress up to get free candy before you are an adult, Halloween. She is delighted and sad all in one big plastic pumpkin container of candy. Oh to be young again!
Halloween isn't really one of MY favorite holidays. But, I do love the magic, excitement, and anticipation it brings to young faces everywhere. I enjoy seeing the wonder, fear, and make believe pleasure it brings to young and old alike. And who doesn't love candy! IT HAS SUGAR IN IT!!!
So for my lovely niece, and her bon voyage to youth, I will design a decorative over-the-top acrylic candy container. Carved and molded into fun ghouls, princesses, and Vampires (what is halloween with out vampires?) They will be light to carry, clear so candy can be visible (you have to SEE the potential sugar count) and they will have ribbons for handles. Once the night of Halloween has wrapped up, the decorative acrylic holder can be used as a candy dish, candle holder, or a vodka mug, I mean beer mug. Candy and vodka! Who doesn't love that combo?
And I suppose for those of you are caring, involved, and conscious these delightful containers can be used to plant a tree, or shrub and give as a gift. Multi functional. Love that!


  1. I am in favor of apples for Halloween. I am in favor of apples all the time.

  2. love the creative thought, happy halloween amanda :)

    take care and keep writing...........

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