Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So have ya'll noticed a little lapse in my presence? Yes, yes Im fully aware. I have a laundry list of excuses. Ive been so busy clipping my toenails, washing my hair, catching up on guilty pleasures, eating doritos, and trapping raindrops on my tongue. Gotta wash those oreos down with something! As much as I love fall, it definitely plays havoc on my mood and motivation; or lack there of. I have been motivated about as much as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Ehh!

We had 23 straight days of rain. Then like church is to Sunday's the sun came, the angels were singing and I found myself frolicking in the office, and skipping through the halls. But all good things must come to an end. The frolicking turned to angry A.D.D and the angels left only to be replaced by lucifer, I mean doritos and oreos. It has been raining, drizzling, pouring blah, blah, for the last two days. I swear to holy heaven on earth if I eat any more oreos, sugar snaps, juji fruits, dots (lord have mercy they have SUGER in them) Im going to catch ADHD, with a side of no attention span, and a week long overdose in the form of a much needed nap. So this week my TT will focus on one of my favorite, favorite garments-ROBES!

Robes are toasty warm, and best of all ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Plenty of room for oreos, fruit slices, and olive garden; OH and don't forget a slice of homemade peach pie. YUM! But despite my love for the frumpy, solid colored terry robe, I have decided that I am going to amp it up a notch. My robes will be made of silk, but lined in flannel. I want to have gorgeous colorful patterns that remind me of fall, winter and spring, so when Im stuffing my face there will be a small reminder of the importance to have the shape of a woman, and not Mr potato head. No guarantee that the silhouette you once donned over the summer will return, but remember ladies, one size fits all, so plenty of room for expansion!
They will have the warmth of flannel but the exterior luxury of silk. (You have to feel pretty when you're munching on doritos.) The patterns will be large over exaggerated paisley's, damasks, polka dots, and florals. They will be fun, pretty, warm and most of all COMFORTABLE! And when Spring returns, the birds start chirping, and the snow melts you will have the ability to remove the flannel lining for a comfortable summer cover up.

I hope all of you are making your way through this fall frolicking and skipping through the halls. But if you are not, grab a bag of oreos (double stuffed) throw on your beautiful silk Target robe, and plop in front of the tube to watch a new episode of CSI-Miami, and maybe even a little Oprah!


  1. I love my robe. But I only like robes with the ties attached, so they don't come loose. I also love oreos. The inside out ones are yummy!

  2. I can't eat Oreo's ~ I have to eat gluten free (no wheat flour). I can eat, um, Klondike bars and Hershey's chocolate bars, though! I haven't gotten my comfy, cozy robe out yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Ohh, try and make one attractive and down filled. We are hitting 15* on Friday and THEN the cold front is coming through.....

  4. i have tried to use and like robes, can't seem to do it.

    i love it on mad men when everyone gets up, they put on a robe.

  5. be sure and make your robes ScotchGuarded. That way when I am slurping and slopping in my nice new comfy robe, I can just brush it off on my way to the fridge! :)

  6. robes are really really cool, good you brought that subject and hey girl its good to see you back, have missed you here and at my blog too, hope to c ya there soon

    take care and keep writing............

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