Friday, October 16, 2009

Amanda Burdge Nashville Designer headed to High Point Market

Well as if I wasn't busy enough, I am running around the house frantically trying to pack! Can the cat go in the overhead compartment? She is insistent that she goes. I guess I can shove her under the seat, but she will be disappointed to find less than perfect accommodations. She is convinced that this trip includes kitty food, kitty toys, and grandma. Well she is right about grandma!

I leave at midnight. First time in highpoint, so Im a bit nervous. Its large. Showrooms are sprawled out all over. But I will have mom, and her and I plan to hit the town (all in the name of furniture manufacturers) whoo hoo, what fun! SO I will report back, with pics of course, about all the happenings and mishaps that we encounter. Hopefully we will find all sorts of good stuff! Happy weekend to all!


  1. Oh, you are going to have so much fun ! Be sure to go in Market Square, it's such a interesting building.

  2. have fun, hope to c ya back soon :)

    take care and keep writing...............

  3. nice blog and great images. I would like to share what i seen recently when searching online for bathroom furniture, thanks

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