Monday, August 30, 2010

How do you communicate with color?

Do you ever feel like colors give you therapy? Or that certain colors effect you differently? This site, is the ultimate tool in communicating a feeling or mood with color! 

This site attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, which can help designers communicate better with clients, to help achieve certain emotional effects. Since colors are believed to have specific meanings, this will help us create environments unique to our clients, and help develop moods and emotion desirable to the client's needs. 

It is really fun to see what they have associated with each word, and they (Suffolk Software) are tracking all the color associations over time to help designers produce intended effects on the inhabitants, and help bring the gap together between designer/client communication.

For example, what color do you think of when you here the word:


1) Moment 

Number one answer ~ Soft green

2) Gay 

Number one answer ~ Pink

3) Bliss 

Number one answer ~ Yellow 

4) Profit 

Number one answer ~ Green

5) Pure 

Number one answer ~ White

6) Sex 

Number one answer ~ Red

7) Corporate 

Number one answer ~ Grey
8) Launch

Number one answer ~ Orange

With a tool like this, clients can effectively use a word to describe what it is they want, and the designer will understand their language. What colors do you associate with the words: 

warm, safe, clean, plenty? 

Isn't this fun?!
For more info visit their website

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  1. Brilliant! SO clever & creative (I also like that moment is soft green & launch is orange!)

  2. Very interesting but bliss to me is apple red.

  3. I always enjoy reading a bit of color psychology and i believe that color does affect ones mood. Great post!

  4. I thought i was following before, but apparently not. Just fixed that:-).

  5. ooh, good site to know of! i have some different associations, but it is so helpful to have more descriptive words (and colors) to use when working with clients.

  6. great site! color has such a huge effect on me. I must crave a lot of moments, because my house is full of soft green!

  7. Great post...I love things like color and smell have psychological qualities beyond their initial functions, for lack of a better word. These small things are so much more important than so many give them credit for.

  8. Very interesting, I'm going to check it out. Especially since we've had a color conundrum over here this month.

  9. Cool! I totally agree w/ most of those...

  10. Never heard of this site but I'll have to check it out! I always find the differences between men and women and color associations to be fascinating.

  11. Yes colors play a big part in my world - my home is all earthtones so it is a nice peaceful escape. My mood really dictates what I wear everyday! Love the blog! I felt happy just looking at the pretty color swatches!


  12. I picked exactly the same weird...I love both color and no color but prefer light and space in general. How fun! Have a great week Amanda!


  13. I love color therapy and your idea for simplifying the color labeling. In graphic design, we learned numbers. How confusing that was! Using feelings to describe colors is definitely communicating on a new level.

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