Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 ways to enjoy a Saturday

As the summer comes to a close our days get shorter and our nights get cooler. Fall will quickly approach us and before we know it, snow, sleet and rain will be upon us. Enjoy these last days of Summer with the ones you love because before we know it, Mr. Winter (booo!) will be here, and we will all be crying about the cold, freezing weather, wishing that Summer were still here!

Get outdoors. Open windows, and doors and let the sunshine in! Listen to the birds chirp, the lawn mowers hum, and the wind blow through the trees.

Spend it with family. Yes we can't choose them, and sometimes you swear you were born into the wrong family...but no matter what, they are always there for you (because they have to be!) to love you, support you and laugh and cry with you!

Spend it with friends or family out on the lawn. Remember days gone by, and laugh at all the silly things you did when you were younger, and thought you were smarter, but not nearly as great as you are today!

Have an afternoon cocktail, and a snack, laugh, and gossip amongst those that you love. Indulge yourself, be decadent and go all out for an afternoon tea.

Cabbages and Roses

Hang out with friends and family while you play games, go through old pictures,
or show off that new hobby you took up over the Summer. 

Have an unbelievably rich meal under candlelight. Satisfy all your senses, pamper yourself, 
and wallow in the luxury of the outdoors.
Food, laughter and fun!
Have a GREAT Saturday everyone!!

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  1. Ah, yes, many great ideas!! Happy Saturday to you!

  2. Amanda, so happy you stopped by, leading me to you! What a beautiful blog you have...full of happy images, like I love to see! Happy Weekend!

  3. This was the best, and so true about winter...I am really NOT a fan of winter...need to soak up the sun while I still can!

  4. You have a great Saturday too! Just a beautiful post and images, Amanda.

  5. Nice to meet you, Amanda! Thanks for visiting.

    This is my first time here and I look forward to staying and perusing for a while!

    We just returned from a lovely evening outside spent with friends and the crickets. The ice cream truck even went by- first time this summer for me.

    I'll really miss the warm summer evenings, but I have to say I hope our future summers are not as hot and humid as this year's. How do you folks do it year after year? I guess I am a true Northener!

    -Ann @ Rose et Lis

  6. Hi Amanda, good ideas for spending your Sat and doing it in style too! Appreciate your dropping by my blog and I've enjoyed my visit to yours.

  7. Such lovely photos. I would love to have cocktails with friends under that tent or at the table under the lights! Thanks for stopping over and entering my giveaway!


  8. Hi again, I changed a few things for my giveaway. I am not giving you 5 possible ways to win. Check out todays blog!

  9. You forgot to mention basking in the sun. This is a great way to spend a Saturday. Or any day for that matter.
    I love to bask.

  10. Beautiful post! These are definitely great ways to spend the last days of summer. I'm feeling quite sad, as well! Thanks again for dropping by my blog!

  11. ooh--the rich meal under candlelight sounds right up my alley. with school ending in a week, i plan on thoroughly enjoying ALL of my free time!

  12. Beautiful examples. Fantastic way to spend a saturday ...or sunday!

  13. We have had such temperature extremes this year, but this past winter was brutal! Enjoying the slightly cooler mornings we're having now!

  14. Yes, I'm agree with you 100%. Enjoy the rest of summer with friends and family.
    Great post.

  15. Hey, Amanda. Sweet post. :) I love summer...too bad it was about 50 degrees at the San Francisco zoo yesterday! I cranked on the heater for the drive home at 4pm. Oh, well.
    I am going to work on your "brown" post today. So sorry for the delay!!!

  16. I haven't indulged in an afternoon tea in SO long. I think it's time!

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