Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hanukkah-dreidel, dreidel, dreidel 3 things to celebrate!

For eight nights Jews around the world celebrate the seaon of light during Hanukkah. This year allow light to prevail over darkness with bright decorations that bring in a feeling of Joy, (or "OY") with a handmade menorah, fresh new dreidels, or fun new gelt bags. Who says tradition has to be predictable?

Mantel Garland
Print this template and blow it up 150 to 200 times. Print on a good quality card stock and paint in fun colors of teal, cream, gold, and slate blue. After you paint cut your template and follow the instructions from the template to fold and glue. Thread silver cord through a large needle and string up your custom dreidels onto the mantel!

Chocolate coins are not only pretty for decorating the table but fun party favors as well. Chocolate coins inside an organza bag creates a shimmery gift that adds sparkle, and delight to your guests. Find shimmery 4 x7 organza party bags at a craft store and fill the bag up to the top and tie off with beautiful 1/4" gold ribbon, or cord.

Put your decorated coins into a beautiful tray to hand to guests, or use as part of the 
table setting on each plate.

The gifts of Hanukkah
For eight nights, the Jewish culture celebrates the season of light.  Each night of Hanukkah theres a small gift that awaits that part of the celebration. Wrapped with pretty papers, ribbons, and embellished with The Star of David, dreidels, and coins.
Cut stars from foiling metal to add shimmer. Take a stylus (found at a craft store) and gently create a beaded edge, for added fun.  Buy rubber stamps and have custom messages of good wishes made and apply them to ribbon, packages, or gift tags. Add other seasonal embellishments by buying inexpensive favors like dreidels, and gelt that can be glued directly to the packages.

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