Saturday, November 14, 2009

Warehouse SALE Nov 21st!

SO I am at work today rushing around preparing for this warehouse sale that is next Saturday. Once again, Im still not totally convinced that I should have to give my stuff away at ridiculous prices for the sake of MY anniversary. Isn't this suppose to be MY day? Shouldn't I be lavished in Vodka and expensive gifts like mallomars, oreos, and pinwheels to celebrate MY day? And shouldn't I be generously showered in congratulations, good wishes and bouquets of compliments? I think this whole celebration for MY day is well deserved. BUT, instead of sitting on my throne of salutes and honor, Im schlepping around in my AB HOME apron frantically trying to get everything ready for ALL of YOU!

No hard feelings, really. But sitting on my throne, vodka in hand, and pinwheels in the other sounds so much more fun, and less tiring. Do you have any idea how long it takes to vacuum a damn 3000 square foot warehouse with a shopvac?? TOO MUCH TIME!! Can someone please invent an upright industrial vacuum for a warehouse? I suppose I will just get back to tagging, dusting, and boxing; and the shopvac can shove it where the moon and stars don't shine!

A little bitter, yes. While all my friends and HUSBAND are out enjoying this beautiful 70 degree day I am stuck in this warehouse for ALL YA'LLs benefit. Good to be boss lady! SO be kind, and when you arrive next Saturday at 8AM, tell me how great everything looks, and if you want to make me feel EXTRA special you can bring me a bottle of booze and MAYBE even some cookies!!!


  1. What mallomars now? Sheesh - oreos, mallomars, what next? Peanut butter cremes?

  2. hey amanda have a wonderful day, have fun, keep smiling :)

    take care and keep writing.........