Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Can you believe this is our 8th Target Tuesday! Wow, who knew there were so many Tuesday's over the Summer? I suppose I could have counted them ahead of time, plotted and mapped out a plan, been organized and prepared and projected accordingly. But details such as those are the reason I am a DESIGNER. The inferior designator. Arranging such plans are way out of league, my hemisphere of thought patterns range in "Ooooo pretty, and OMG! that's gorgeous! Does chartreuse work in are design theme?" Outside of that, air traffic control pipes in my ear DANGER, DANGER, if you choose to proceed you will explode. That's about as technical and complex as I get. Trust me I have the best of intentions. I have impeccable taste, but pondering ideas much past the notion of "p-r-e-t-t-y! does it work?," are reflection of a true creative musing. And besides I think Barbie had it right all along. Anything past pink poodles, the dream house, furnishing the dream house, and dressing the pink corvette with more fabulous finds, is just a waste of time. Do we really NEED to hear more dreadful, gory details about the decline of healthcare, our turbulent, unrecognizable economy and the repulsive job market? Insufferable. This is not an excerpt from a Jane Austin book, so lets not focus on despair, lets focus on things that are pleasant, and agreeable!

Pleasant and agreeable. Check here for YES! Now I know that it is summer and most of us are doing everything we can to keep our clothes on for the sake of being decent. (Who came up with that rule anyways? Why cant we just peel off our clothes like a two year old and run, screeching at the top of our lungs, down the hall without a strange peculiar "Lord have mercy what is she doing stare?") Rules, too many rules! Today my attention will be on blankets. Yes, yes, I know that it is in fact summer, and it is hard to imagine anything more than our underthings on in this miserable, steamy heat. Keep in mind that Fall is just a few short weeks away. Can you believe it?

Blankets play many roles in a household. They instantly add a punch of color and pizazz to a sofa or chair. They add warmth and comfort on a cold rainy day. They are ideal cuddle havens with the kids or hubby, and who doesn't have a pet that instantly gravitates to a fluffy blanket for comfort? Blankets are also perfect for that afternoon Sunday nap to recharge from the previous hectic work week. Blankets are soft, comforting, cozy and instantly SHOUT relaxation, and tranquility. It's as if when you walk in the door and see it there on the sofa, the wave of "AHHHHHHHHH" melts onto you.

Blankets add luxury, comfort and warmth to a home. They are welcoming, create a sense of security and who doesn't love to be 'snug as a bug in a rug?' They bring togetherness, in an otherwise hectic household. My blankets from Target will have a down home, southern handmade feel. They will recharge, relax and best of all be simple. They will add that much needed punch to your decor, but they will be what I call the "wild card." They will be in very FUN prints, and patterns, and as a wild card item that means it will easily work into any decor. They will bring a smile to your face and encourage you to strip off your clothes to your underthings, run around the house like a screeching two year old, and rush like an idiot to the sofa to get under the blanket for warmth, comfort, and "AHHHHHHH".


  1. I have a queen size animal print fabulous cozy blanket on my living room sofa. I just pile it into the middle and I think it adds style and most of all it's perfect for 2 people to sit and be cozy at any time!

    I agree, blankets are a luxury and I'm happy to hear you are including them in your designs for target!

  2. Warm is good. Especially in cold climes.

  3. Thanks for stopping by the other day.

    Always fun to find other bloggers in Nashville. I'm off to see more of your great blog!

  4. I LOVE blankets! I have several scattered around and then some that I can't part with in a closet!

  5. I know I always want to hide under the covers every time the news is on ! I'm glad I found you blog, I'm going to follow you.......

  6. can your blankets be made out a material that isn't a static magnet? it seems like all our blankets are always so static-y, maybe cuz they're cheap?

    i love me some jane, but the lives of her characters were always dreadful and dreary. it was a funny reference LOL

  7. anything in the name of fashion or decor...blankets are fabulous!!

    Sassy Chica

  8. I love blankets - of all sizes and fabrics. Nothing cozier!

  9. you have me at the peeling of clothes and running i mean, why world has to be a complicated one, why cant things be simple like they appear to be, i will never understand.....

    and you had me at blankets, i mean i love mine and every time i see new one in shops i always ogle at them, lol

    blog updated hope to see ya soon,

    take care and keep writing............