Monday, August 3, 2009

AB HOME Interiors Art by Paragon

Ok so exciting things on the home front. I apologize for the absence, but running a business, two blogs and trying to make clients happy (they pay me) is becoming a daunting task!! BUT I have been approached, cross your fingers, with an idea that looks like it may actually stick! One of my favorite art lines, Paragon, recently saw my article in Nashville Home and Garden. They want to use my photos to promote their product. Well I think that is a GREAT idea but what is even better is ME teaming up with Paragon to create MY OWN art line. Ok, so its not Target, but you all know how much I love artwork and this could be the answer!! SO put that prayer chain together and lets get an art line!!


  1. How exciting, Amanda! I love the prints in your post; the ferns are my favorite - I have a series of them on the wall over my bed in bamboo style frames.

  2. WOOHOO!! Congratulations! Fingers crossed for you!


  3. Excellent news I wish will come to fruition for you. Apparently, you've got great taste in great art! Prayers sent your way Amanda...
    All the best!