Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Thanks for stopping by once again for our special feature, TARGET Tuesday's. For those of you not familiar with my blog you can scroll down through some older posts to get caught up! (If someone from TARGET is reading this, HOLY COW!, call me IM AVAILABLE and READY!!) Im excited to see everyone here, and excited to get started!

For our 2nd TARGET Tuesday feature I would like to focus on another top pick of mine, pillows. As a part of my diverse line-up of accessories that I have prepared for TARGET, pillows are an all time favorite. As a designer I tend to choose a FEW choice accessories when designing a room. Pillows add softness and alleviate the need to have objects everywhere for that special pop. I don't like to over clutter, and OVER design. (My thoughts on this matter are short and sweet. If I see a home that is OVER designed I feel that all that crap/clutter/hodgepodge has been placed everywhere to over compensate for lack in talent and ability for design. Yes my words are harsh. But when I see a home that has been designed by a so called "professional" in this way, they have no aptitude or dexterity for design.) OK off the soap box to continue on! Remember people it has taken me a long time to get to this level of confidence, so I will fly that designer flag high!!

Pillows are a flexible option to modify and restyle a room quickly, effortlessly and they can completely change the atmosphere in less than 20 seconds! I always have on hand, two to three colors and styles that can change the look in a snap. Now for those of you who lack storage, not to worry. Keep the fills on the sofa, and store the covers. They take up less room, and this allows you MORE options.

Pillows add style, personality and color. This can also be great for entertaining. They can be switched around or mixed up according to the theme of the evening. Also, pillows can be changed around seasons. We typically like cooler colors that are fresh and calming in the summer, and warmer darker colors that tend to our need for coziness in the winter. I often recommend buying your investment pieces, such as sofa's, chairs, etc. to be in neutral's for this very reason. The color palette can always be updated with simple accents, such as pillows.

My plan for the pillows in my accessory line will be updated, have clean tailored lines and made of natural materials. They will be made of fabrics that can be mixed and matched with ease. Most importantly you will have the option to buy the fills separately from the covers, for those who lack storage space. And as always they will be apart of my accessible, affordable design creed. Thanks for visiting us on TARGET Tuesday!!

If you have an accessory that you cannot live without, or maybe an accessory that you need and can't find, let me know! Email me, or leave a comment. I'd love to hear about your decorating needs. Thanks!


  1. I agree with the pillow thing, and usually they are cheap to change if you want a different look or want to add color to a room. And what is a couch without a comfy pillow?:D

  2. As long as you don't use goat skin to cover any of them I am down with the pillow thing.

  3. I love pillows. So easy and cheap. And, I adore Target!

  4. Love pillows and had them all over my couch...until my kids used them as missiles...now they are in a bag in the garage!

  5. I love pillows!! to bad my dogs always end up claiming them as their own!

  6. i love pillows and guess what i just brought a new one today,

    nice write up girl

    take care and keep writing.......

  7. Target offers affordable items that look great, but don't break the bank! And pillows fit that bill just perfectly!

  8. mother effing lover, i have tried to comment for almost a week, my computer does not like your blog. oh well, i am here now.

    i love pillows, really do, but the hubs is all about function and doesnt want pillows anywhere he cant acutally use, i.e. no beads or lace, etc. i seem to not have many options when it comes to plainish pillows. totally sucks.

  9. I am the toss cushion queen, they truly make a space!! I completely agree with your post!

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