Friday, May 15, 2009

Nick Noyes architecture by Nashville designer Amanda Burdge

This home recently won the prestigious AIA Sunset West Home award. Nick Noyes, the architect, is undoubtably creative and disciplined. His look is always in the details, (and there are always so many details), but yet the finished product is clean, simple and refined. Located in Healdsburg California, Nick chose to use Plywood as the wall surface. And while most people may not think to use this as their finished wall surface, it works in this room because of the windows, soft white palette and high ceilings. Its superb!


  1. Late but never forgotten! Have a great weekend my fellow sitstahs!

    Camp Sock Monkey

  2. Thanks for the SITSas love :) Who know plywood could look so chic - gorgeous room!

  3. Great pics. Love the plywood in the top pic!

  4. Hey there!
    Just visiting over from SITS!

    I love your blog---great ideas---am going to show these pics to my hubby, as he is a cabinetmaker---and will appreciate the interest in wood choice...

    Have a good one!

  5. HA! Now..that's something I haven't seen before! Thanks for sharing. As a lover of art history...I'm always interested in new uses of mediums, etc. Naked plywood. Combined with nature's breathtaking light. Lovely. I'm also grateful to you for stopping in to check out my've got great idea's here. Always, Sarah

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