Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Darryl Carter interior design;a love story by Amanda Burdge, interior designer

Darryl's home in Virginia
Part of his new collection for Thomasville
Thomasville ( these wing chairs look like they are winking at you! )
It is hard to believe that a decade ago Darryl Carter was practicing law in Washington DC. But when Metropolitan Home featured his own home in their magazine people were calling to commission him for work.
Carter is known for mixing unassuming, farmhouse-rustic with sophisticated simple luxuries. He oozes relaxed style. Neutral palettes with bold accents creates his authentic trademark. He creates depth, texture, strong character and does it all with a modest, humble approach. So sexy and cool.


  1. I am envious of those rooms!!!

    Stopping by from SITS!!!

  2. Hey I soooo remember reading this article in that magazine whose title completely eludes my brain right now. But the decorator, he's this tall black dude right? And his kitchen has that built in cove for his exposed firewood right? (Please let me be right...) I think it was that 3-legged wood table in the living room that jogged my memory. Love the house and love any good design photos. Hence, I love the site. Thanks for stopping by today on my site.

    My best, Lynn

  3. Love those rooms, and all the light! Stopping by from SITS.

  4. I love Darryl Carter's aesthetic, but he certainly is a big fan of white!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to say, I really love the rustic table with the contemporary furniture. I wouldn't think they would go together, but they look great.

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