Monday, July 5, 2010

Colorpodz-Interior lighting crash course with Amanda Burdge

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful conversation with Kelly Berg of Arte Styling, and Lori Sawaya of Colorpodz. Lori, a color expert, and the mastermind behind Colorpodz, and Kelly, a fabulous color aficionado, steered me through their professional world of podcasting, on a subject that I am truly passionate about- 

Lighting effects everything in our home, including COLOR!  As we transition into the next decade we are going to see a huge push in energy conservation, and recycling of materials. But what does that mean for our homes, interiors, and COLORS Well with new research and development in LED lighting, we will no longer have to sacrifice quality of light to appease sustainability demands.

The lighting we have in our homes effects everything from mood, color and atmosphere. And when you are selecting a wall color, you are not just picking paint. Selecting the right color is a science, and a skillful art. Many factors come into play when selecting the right one. If you get all the components right, you have what I call, Magic by Design. But mess it up, just one thing, and you have design chaos.

So without further ado, here is the page to our wonderful podcast
Interior Lighting Crash Course (this includes lighting info)
Podcast (click on green box, click to play in new window)
Be sure to read Lori's post, she has given excellent graphics on the vernacular used during our conversation, and given examples of the new technologies.

Thanks again ladies for letting me hang out with you, and blab away about LIGHTING!!

For more info on this group of fabulous gals, and their fabulous companies, click here to see my post on who they are, and what they can do for you!

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  1. The podcast sounds great and has already racked up downloads from iTunes.

    Your passion for what you do is obvious and you have an authentic voice that comes through loud and clear.

    Amanda, thank YOU for taking time to chat with us. You are an official Color Bud now :-)!

    Grand Poobah @ ColorPodz

  2. Nicely done, Amanda! Lots of info for everyone. You certainly know your stuff. Thanks for joining us and for giving us all a lesson in lighting.

  3. Very informative post Amanda! I learned a lot from your inputs and tutorials :) Choosing the proper lighting will never be my problem. Super thanks for sharing this!