Saturday, July 18, 2009

Being the fairest of them all

As a designer I have a tendency to have bloated thoughts in reality. I live in a fantasy world of rather large ideas and notions of how the world should be. Contemplating each move with utmost concentration as if playing a game of chess (AS IF I could play chess) I aspire to change all the ugly in the world and make it into something captivating and pleasing to the eye. Now my thoughts in judgment can be mischievous. Without you knowing I may come from behind to the right, make you turn left, and hit you over the head with my mojo bat like the magic designer fairy I am. Without you ever realizing, I sprinkle you with designer fairy dust (full of doe eyed excitement) and with enchanted dexterity you react as if it were your idea all along! Truly spellbinding.

Yes I can be dazzling, even colorful at times with my seductive designer voodoo. But what you must understand is that it is all done for your best interest. If I am to change each and every ugly space in the universe, persuasion is in order. I only have so much time people, and you dilly dallying around to make a decision, well there just isn't enough time for all that! I have a plan. A BIG plan. An IMPORTANT plan. A plan full of fundamental scheming. (with grave wicked laughter) A plan so calculated not even TARGET can hold me back.

Yes my thoughts are bloated in reality. My estimations, and approximations may be off slightly. Im a designer for GOD's sake. Im not required to calculate my motives with scientific certainty. BUT, I am required to create an undiluted definite purpose; of which, I have. It is a plan. a BIG plan. An IMPORTANT plan, with unconditional totality I have a plan to be the fairest of them all who's definite purpose: DESTROY at all costs the appalling, unpleasant, monstrous, repulsive villain, aka=UGLY!

With deliberate and premeditated strategy I will change all the ugly. Remove it with abrupt swiftness. A matter of maximum importance. (this may require my Valentino's and a strand of pearls!) With my blueprint of intentions I will sketch, layout, measure, formulate, concoct, develop, arrange, design and outline my evil plot. I will expel, exterminate and remove the ugly, one space at a time. And yes, this will be a daunting task. But I have been given the title, the mission to which I cannot turn down. It is my duty as a designer to eliminate and destroy this wicked villain. If designer voodoo is needed I will recruit, enlist, and assign the burden of knock down drag out force if necessary. It is inevitable because I live in a fantasy world of rather large ideas and notions of how the world should be.


  1. I love the way your brain works. Blogging is so cool because you really get a sense of people's personality even though you have never met!

    Great post!

  2. If I ask you to re-do my "space," will you put flamingos in the yard? I LOVE flamingos! SITS sent me...glad they did!

  3. need to come up with some kind of neat design super hero name!! and if you could wear a sparking pink cape, that would be amazing!

  4. I love how you think!

    p.s I like your music on your blog but it never fails to startle me. Not sure why. I'll be reading along, hear something, panic, and realize no one is talking to's just your cool blog music. (no, I don't need meds) :)

  5. loved the way you started it, and loved the way you have written this amanda :) true we all have the slightly off key estimation part in ourselves, but i think its more in designers, but thats what makes you special so dont worry too much abt it ok, keep going with your voodo0 ;), cause thats what creates the real magic,

    take care and keep writing.......

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