Sunday, April 5, 2009

Skamper Ramp, pool saftey for pets

Growing up in the desert everyone including myself had a pool. More times than I care to recall we would find animals in our pool that fought the good fight but in the end lost their battle. Insert the skamper ramp here! This ingenious product is lightweight, easy to install, and works on any pool, dock or pond. The product comes in white ( which any animal can see day or night) and never molds, mildews, fades, grows barnacles, or cracks in harsh weather. It is available in two sizes the skamper ramp, and the super skamper ramp. Either ramp prevents animals from drowning when installed properly.
The Super Skamper-Ramp is lightweight with excellent strength-to-weight ratios, low-cost, and simple. It attaches to the deck of the pool, walled pond, stock tank or water trough to prevent unwanted wild animals from drowning as well as pets! The ramps range in price of $65-$100. For more info visit their site @

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