Monday, June 7, 2010

Goofing off, acting out, and playing hooky, by Amanda Burdge

As I have mentioned before, blogging is definitely a winter sport. I am finding myself easily distracted by simple shiny things like S-U-N, 85 degrees, floaties, and booze...I mean a nice cool beverage. Now I should be doing VERY important things (like pushing papers from one side of my desk to other side) but instead I am straining like a naughty Jedi to keep my cool and refraining from lewd acts of acting out, goofing off, and just being plain irresponsible!
Now I know that this is an intelligent (who are we fooling?) blog of important topics, great design tips, and encouraging photos of pretty, marvelous things. The idea is to be motivated and inspired, right? As a "creative" blogger I strive for this goal everyday. Bringing you, my faithful followers, inspiration and imagination.....until the sun comes out, and I'd rather be goofing off, acting out and playing hooky.

Apparently, these Nashville Target shoppers are so energized by the sun, they have forgotten their manners, caught the H.D.A.D.D bug and forgot what their mamas told them about putting their stuff away! For those of you unaware about HDADD, it's a new form of A.D.D, that I myself have invented, and it's A.D.D in it's clearest form.

So in an effort to appear professional, accomplished, and most importantly competent, I will leave you with a few pics of beautiful pools, because after all this is a blog about great tips, imagination and pretty things. I can at least attempt to bring you this blog's purpose, even if it is a half witted effort, right?





And when we are done goofing off, (which should be around the end of August) dancing like no body's watchin, and the iTunes has repeated itself a few hundred times,

We will curl up for a good long nap with friends, to prepare for winter blogging. Ha!! Phew! 
God, I love summer! 
Hope everyone is having a fantastic day, and don't forget the sunscreen and floaties!


  1. I wish I could play hooky, Amanda! The nice weather comes and I do not want to be at the day job ~ at all!

  2. Goats are very good at playing hooky.
    We especially like to bask in the sun.

  3. Amanda, this is so pretty pretty pretty, and those dogs are wonderful. xx's

  4. The sun has come VERY late to Northern California this summer. This weekend people were practically falling all over themselves to jump into pools, BBQ, garden and finally be outside.....Of course, now people wish to paint as well so I'm working more, wanting to get out more and enjoy the weather.....but blogging, not so much. Thanks for the inspiring pics!

  5. I loooove these pics ... and I love the idea of playing hooky!!!!! If only those emails didn't pile up ...

  6. cute post. :) i think the dog pic is my favorite!
    looking forward to having you join us on the podcast tomorrow!

  7. Yes, being creative when the weather is nice is difficult. I like your approach with this one though--great images of swimming pools and dogs are winners with me.

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